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0 The Pre-Entrepreneurial Journey: Part One

This is it. What it’s all about. I created the baseline for my activities. Check out the journey through which I want to support you. If you find yourself somewhere in there you may want to send in some questions to the Query Solver so I can figure out your custom solutions. Google idea to

4 Inside the Blogger: Transferring Emotion

What separates your favourite book from your last blog post? Why is the interaction with your favourite clothing store a lifestyle activity while an insurance salesperson is just that, an annoying salesperson. The difference is subtle and decisive – your purpose. The reason why Neil Gaiman is a great author is not that he knows

8 Developing Your Content Plan

Howdy, fellow pre-entrepreneur. You have a passion, want to make it a project, know how it benefits whom (or want to figure it out) and you have no idea what to do next? Welcome to idealuca’s wonderland. In this post, I’ll try to (forcefully) help/make you develop a content plan to promote your idea online.

0 The “Full-Stack” Creator

The world of technology is constantly being updated. New programs and updates emerge every single day, that you sometimes think you just can’t keep up. One of the biggest challenges in this online world is to determine in which angle you want to position yourself in. If you are like me, then there has been

2 IDEA FACTORY: How to navigate creative block

Have you Had this conversation?: you: I have a Creative block! friend: Don’t worry it will come to you! you: Yeah? How? friend: It just happens! Well done if you didn’t throw your shoe at them! AND HERE YOU ARE! (GOOD CHOICE) IDEA Factory R&D for the Mind Idea Factory is a place where you can focus

10 I knit because stabbing idiots is illegal.

If you know how to knit or crochet, your grandma will be pretty happy about you. But what do your friends think? That you are probably old and boring and dull inside? Think again my friend, things have changed. How many times do you get pissed off or annoyed during a typical week? Know that

2 Getting Your Project Going

About to start a new project? Then this post is for you. It marks the start of my new project: helping you develop yours. If I can be of assistance, please contact me here and I’ll do my best to help. Seriously, do it. In any case, let me try to provide you with some

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