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4 Keep inspiring and getting inspired

Hi beautiful people! I would like to take the opportunity today to talk about female inspiration; going from female entrepreneurship to social achievements. To get some examples of female figures of inspiration, I asked the question to my followers…  I’m sure that you also might know some of them as well! As you can recognise,

1 Facial Coding as a Neuromarketing Tool

WHAT IS FACIAL CODING AND HOW DOES IT WORKS FOR NEUROMARKETING PURPOSES This is a neuromarketing method that do not focus on recording brain activity, it aims to identify and measure micro-expressions that code non-conscious reactions, based on the activity of the facial muscles. Despite the fact that is subjective in deciding when an action

0 Reality Checking the Neuromarketing reach.

Over the past articles, we explored neuromarketing or consumer neuroscience research techniques that aim at getting insights into the consumer decision-making process through methods that sound, almost out of a science fiction movie, such as brain scans, eye-tracking, and palm readings. These techniques you have read about each of them in my posts: Eye tracking, functional magnetic

0 Let’s talk @ FemUnity: Event Management

Hi there, We are back with the second video of this mini video serie, this time sharing our experience on event management @ FemUnity. We talk for instance about the obstacles that we meet, but also what we aim at doing during our events… Enjoy watching! xoxo

2 How to HubSpot: Chatbots

HubSpot bietet die Möglichkeit einen Livechat auf der eigenen Webseite einzubinden. Aber das ist noch längst nicht alles: Auch Chatbots sind in HubSpot möglich. Bereits in der Sales-Starter-Version können einfache Chatbots eingerichtet werden, die Leads qualifizieren, Meetings vereinbaren oder sogar Kundentickets erstellen. Im Video erkläre ich euch, wie man so einen Chatbot einrichtet. Livechat oder

0 How to HubSpot: Kunden gewinnen & begeistern mit Inbound-Marketing

Der Begriff Inbound Marketing wurde von HubSpot praktisch erfunden. Sie haben bereits im Jahr 2005 erkannt, dass sich das Kaufverhalten entscheidend ändern wird. In diesem Video erkläre ich euch was Inbound Marketing ist, für wen es geeignet ist und wo HubSpot bei dieser Methodik ansetzt. Was ist Inbound Marketing? Anders als beim Outbound-Marketing, wo man

0 What Neuromarketing learns from Galvanic Skin Response studies

Sweaty palms are a classic sign of nervousness, and in Neuromarketing or consumer neuroscience studies, researchers can learn so much more about customers from those sweaty palms. If you have read my previous writing this probably does not surprise you after seeing how brain scans and eye-tracking are utilized to get insights into your decision-making

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