Web Literacy: ^RX


  1. Write blog posts weekly
  2. Distribute your blog posts
  3. Analyse your traffic

Requirements in the Web Literacy module

Netiquette: Please note that all blogposts will be in your name and are public; any ethically questionable material that you publish could lead to prosecution under law and/or expulsion from the Lucerne School of Business. Your aim is to contribute value and expertise to the community and define your professional persona.

What is Content?

A blogpost that analyzes, evaluates and / or creates. Metrics: 10 Content = for example, 6 texts, 2 videos, 2 podcasts. The Content should provide value; in other words, an evaluation of SEO tools counts, as does an infographic of a dataset you put together; a definition of SEO, however, does not. In general, a definition or description will not count. Your goal should be to not repeat something that’s already available on the internet.

What is Social Media Action?

A re-tweet of an expert’s article; a mention and link to your own content; visuals uploaded to Instagram related to your content; publishing on SoundCloud or iTunes; writing a reply to someone’s comment. What is not Social Media Action: Upvoting.