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1 How to create boundaries between private and professional life while working from home – Interview with a psychologist

As I promised on my previous article regarding 4 Online Meeting Tools You Didn’t Know About , I am back to talk about how to create boundaries between private and professional life while working from home. In order to provide trustworthy advices, I interviewed a psychologist. Chiorean Liviu Octavian – Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Sports Psychologist

6 Tequila, how is it made?

Welcome back!  On my previous post we discovered the backstory of our drink of the gods. This time, I hope you are thirsty on knowledge because I want to talk to you about the elaboration process of Tequila! Of course, now a days…the gods are not sending this spirit for us anymore, so its production is

10 “The Drink of the Gods”

I was born in Guadalajara,Mexico. The Land of Tequila! Having said that…chances are, that you think I do tequila shots for breakfast or maybe a funny anecdote related to this drink just came to your mind. Either way; as fun as that sounds, there is more to it than you imagine. Which is why through this

8 DIY – Wandfarben und ihre Wirkung

Sind deine Wände bei dir Zuhause immer noch weiss und möchtest du einmal etwas Neues ausprobieren? Oder hast du bereits schon farbige Wände, aber Lust auf eine Veränderung? Dann bist du bei „all about a coloured wall“ genau richtig. Farben können einen Einfluss auf dich und deine Stimmung haben. Vielleicht kennst du bereits das Beispiel

6 Lo que siempre quisiste saber sobre Suiza

Bienvenidos! Suiza se caracteriza por el plurilingüismo, el sistema político, la diversidad cultural, los impresionantes paisajes y sus gentes. 8,5 millones de personas viven en Suiza, una cifra que dobla la de principios del siglo 20. La población se ha más que doblado en los últimos cien años: una de las razones para ello es

2 Kennst du den Hot Bern Mule?

Hallo zusammen. Schön, dass ihr bei mir reinschaut. Gerne stelle ich in meinem ersten Post den Hot Bern Mule vor. In der letzten Wintersaison war der Hot Bern Mule eines der beliebtesten warmen Mixgetränke, das wir an der Bar ausgeschenkt haben. Da die ersten Frühlingstage bereits vergangen sind und es wieder etwas kälter ist, ist

10 Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is more than clothing it is a lifestyle for some, exclusively me, as an author of this blog. Although, clothing assists with expression of personality and individuality; means of social communication; cultural meaning; economic status and of course enhancement of the person. Upon a wide variation of restraints, clothing has a long history of

1 What is digital minimalism?

For now this will be my last blogpost of the minimalism blog series. However, I want to wrap it up with an important topic about digital detox. The time wasted on mobile devices is increasing year by year. On average an US adult is spending around 3 1/2 hours on their smartphones or surfing the

14 Top Street Styles from Micro-Fashion Influencers

Scrolling your Instagram feed you perhaps noticed that accounts with millions followers are getting less engagement than thousands of micro- influencers who are making a substantial effect on their niche. Since you have heard a lot about them on my blogs, I have seen that those bloggers are appreciated by their audiences and people get

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