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0 Eco-tourism in Brazil- Amazonia ASMR

I was thinking what should I writte about Amazon rainforest. But I believe I dont need explain the general details because I know – actually I really hope so!- that all or most of the people know the importancy of this ecosystem.   As a start, I would like to introduce you a very relaxation

0 Eco-tourism in Brazil: Jalapão

Well, Jalapão, or rather Jalapão State Park, is located in eastern Tocantins and has a total area of 34,000 square kilometers – it is land that never ends. With incomparable natural beauty, Jalapão is located in the heart of Tocantins. Here’s how to get to this destination that is conquering the most adventurous travelers.  

0 Let’s Talk @ FemUnity: Community Management

Hi there, Yes, you see it right! I’m not alone this time… I could convince Malaika to co-star in my mini video serie, so you finally get to see her too! As the co-founders of FemUnity, we sat in front of the camera and shared with you some insights on community management… Not saying much,

0 In da (book) club with FemUnity

Last March, we started our book club within FemUnity, with the most support from Mali and Sarah for content and event management. We basically ran a book marathon where the involved ladies took the challenge to read the same book as their fellow peers. All democracy here! The book was chosen by our followers themselves

0 Ticino Insider Tipp 7: Wandern? Ja, aber nur mit Aussicht!

Buongiorno a tutti! Hier für euch zuerst eine Übersicht von meinen 8 Ticino Insider Tipps, die ihr auch unbedingt lesen solltet: Ticino Insider Tipp 1: Wandern muss sein! – HIER Ticino Insider Tipp 2: Italienisch für Anfänger! – HIER Ticino Insider Tipp 3: Andiamo al Grotto! – HIER Ticino Insider Tipp 4: Abkühlung muss sein! – HIER Ticino Insider

20 Los 10 empleos más solicitados en SUIZA

En la actualidad, en economías tan solidas como con la que cuentaSuiza,es complicado para las empresas encontrar personal cualificado para ciertos puestos de trabajo. Debido al crecimiento económico mundial, hay una “escasez de talento”.   La principal razón por la que no se pueden cubrir los puestos de trabajo, es la falta de competencias especializadas,

2 Corporate Events planen: How to Deko? Karl zeigt dir wie!

Du stehst vor der grossen Herausforderung einen Corporate Event atmosphärisch aufzuwerten? Oder musst dir ein Dekorationskonzept für einen Mitarbeiterevent ausdenken? Oder sollst sogar selbst Hand anlegen? Huch, schlimme Sache. Keine Panik, wir greifen dir unter die Arme und stellen dir Karl Erdmann vor, der Dekorations-Profi schlechthin. Wo er sich Inspiration holt und was bei der

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