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0 Describe your dream hotel | Travel 2.0

Would you rather vacation at the beach or in the mountains, to a major city or to a remote location, in a luxurious resort or a small family-owned hotel? Would you rather book a hotel with a relaxing spa or a mouthwatering breakfast offering, with a shiny parquet or a carpet floor, with a breathtaking

3 How you can find your dream hotel | Travel 2.0

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Carina, I’m 24 years old and I’m happiest whilst travelling. I love everything about it – the amazing sceneries, the fascinating histories, the big unknown, the people, the food variety and the adventure. Therefore, I use every spare minute to explore the world. Although I trust

4 Top 5 Travel Hacks for Your Next Trip to India

India: The country of colour, dance, music, and food. While you might think India is just a Bollywood movie where people sing and dance all day long, that is not the case (not always, at least!). Almost everyone I have come across wants me to be their personal tour guide to India. So, instead of

23 Gen Z: A Generation Without Location Ties? 🌎

It displays no sign of stopping, is set for continued expansion, and will most likely grow into our new norm… No! I’m not writing about COVID-19 (which hopefully, at some point, does reach an end). I’m typing about remote work. Roughly a year ago, as the world went into lockdown, people from everywhere faced many changes

10 “The Drink of the Gods”

I was born in Guadalajara,Mexico. The Land of Tequila! Having said that…chances are, that you think I do tequila shots for breakfast or maybe a funny anecdote related to this drink just came to your mind. Either way; as fun as that sounds, there is more to it than you imagine. Which is why through this

0 How to Move Abroad: A Guide for Digital Nomads

Are you interested in moving abroad but not sure where to get started? Whether you’re looking to work, study, or just experience life in another country, then this is worth a watch! I explain my exact process for moving to another country, including how to choose where to live, and what to do before you

0 Study Abroad Show – Season Finale

Welcome to the Season Finale of the Study Abroad Show, Thank you all for reading during the last couple of weeks, for the last episode I have put together a little behind the scenes video of all the interviews I did for the show. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a video call with everyone and also

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