EasyMobiliser – How Much Time Do You Have For a Vehicle?

A routine day in India Hyderabad
A routine day in India Hyderabad

Step 2 – A journey into the depths of EasyMobiliser

Hello again

In my first blog, I tried to explain briefly how a day can be adventurous in Istanbul by bicycle. I also mentioned what kind of dangers are waiting for us.

Perhaps the first post was a bit direct entry into the topic. What did you think while you read? But I wanted to show what a cyclist (or a person) might encounter in a metropolitan city (not just Istanbul, Zürich).


A Day from Meskel Square, Addis Abeba

And then I unclosed a name for something called EasyMobiliser and I didn’t make any explanation regarding to that. Yeah, I know. Because I first want to focus on the need and problems. By telling you such a story, I wanted to emphasize how this idea and project came to my mind many years ago and what could be done for this project.
EasyMobiliser is not just a platform for cyclists, but a SYSTEM for ALL TRANSPORTATION TOOLS.
Especially for Cars…

When we look at the traffic system, we see that it consists of a few things today.

1. Human, pedestrian namely the main element

2. 4 and more wheeled vehicles such as Buses, Automobile

3. Two-wheeled vehicles such as Motorcycles, Bicycles

4. Rail systems

5. Seaways

6. Airways

I would like to provide direct support to areas 1.2 and 3, which are my area of professional expertise, and to provide to be used by synchronizing with fields 4, 5 and 6 in the concept of EasyMobiliser project.
How Does? We will talk about it in the following stages.

Please consider this … For example, you have a car. It’s time for periodic maintenance. You are working 3 days a week and you are doing master 2 days like me. You’re just empty for the weekend. Therefore, you have to choose between assignments, projects, blog posts and private life. How will you deal with your car in this busy schedule? How are you gonna get it fixed? Who’s gonna take it to the service and bring it back? Who will follow the bill payment transactions? And who will offer you with the most accurate and most affordable price with the most accurate service quality?

I will try to answer these questions with your help within 10 weeks.

Treat yourself well during this time. And if it is possible please leave your comments to the comments section to help me.



A Public Transport Sample From Cuba

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