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0 Therapeutic Cannabis: What is the difference between CBD and THC?

As I mentioned in my previous post CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are both chemical compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant and are also known as cannabinoids. When consumed, both CBD and THC compounds interact with receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (Endogenous Cannabinoid System), but they affect our body in a different way. Let’s

5 Plauderstube mit Marco Zabkar

Marco (32, Luzern) erzählt uns von seiner grössten Herausforderung in seinem Leben: Während seiner Kindheit und Jugendzeit erkrankte seine Mutter an Brustkrebs und wenige Jahre später kam sein Vater aufgrund einer Krankheit in den Rollstuhl. Die Folgen von diesen Schicksalschlägen spürt er heute noch. Doch hat er einiges aufgearbeitet und sieht nach vorn.  

2 Cómo encontrar trabajo en Suiza?

¡Hola! Si estás buscando trabajo en Suiza lo primero es no desanimarse. ¡Si te lo propones, te esfuerzas y tienes un poco de paciencia la oportunidad siempre llega! El primer paso para encontrar trabajo es buscarlo en el lugar adecuado. Portales de empleo: Depende mucho del tipo de trabajo que estés buscando, pero en mi humilde opinión

6 Lo que siempre quisiste saber sobre Suiza

Bienvenidos! Suiza se caracteriza por el plurilingüismo, el sistema político, la diversidad cultural, los impresionantes paisajes y sus gentes. 8,5 millones de personas viven en Suiza, una cifra que dobla la de principios del siglo 20. La población se ha más que doblado en los últimos cien años: una de las razones para ello es

2 What a Past Job Experience Has Taught Me About LinkedIn

Hi everyone! Today’s blog article is the last one I write as part of a beautiful project done in the framework of my studies. I really started using LinkedIn during a past professional experience, during which I was taking care of the account of my department. My LinkedIn tasks mainly consisted in creating posts and

0 Future & Family: How to Rock your First Day Back at Work!

We’ve discussed the “pre-work” that needs to be done before going on maternity leave, but let’s focus on transitioning back!  Somehow it seems that many parents are left on their own when it comes to navigating their transition back. It’s almost like magic”poof” , you’re back at your desk! Except one major difference……. You have

0 The perfect podcast: Q&A

Hello, hello! Can you believe it? These are the last words I am typing for this project. I had such a great time sharing with you the little knowledge I gained from reading so many articles and talking to super interesting professionals. For this last episode, I wanted to give us the chance to exchange

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