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2 AWAS – Portraits of Afghan Women: Horia Hashimi It is essential that no woman feels the need to conceal her identity. Afghan women in Switzerland should be empowered to cultivate a sense of belonging and truly feel at home here. – Horia Hashimi “Empowering Afghan women in Switzerland to embrace their identities and find a sense of belonging, so that they can…

10 AI and personalization (video)

In this video, we examine the crucial role that customization plays in modern advertising and the ways in which AI may be applied to provide clients with customized interactions. We begin by talking about how clients anticipate a specific encounter when engaging with organizations and why personalisation is essential for building client loyalty and boosting

14 Swisstainable : a new way of traveling in Switzerland

Despite being a small country in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is well known both inside and outside the continent. Swiss ski resorts, lakes, chocolate, and cheese immediately come to mind when we think of the country. ❓ However, have you ever considered spending your vacation in Switzerland? Traveling in Switzerland is always interesting because

2 Pregnancy VS Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes? As someone who hopes to have a family one day, I find it incredibly important to learn about the various health aspects that can affect both me and my loved ones. One topic that I recently came across during my research is gestational diabetes. This condition has caught my attention as

0 The Role of Social Gaps in the Diabetes Crisis

My Journey from Customer Support to Diabetes Awareness Once upon a time, I worked in customer support. Like many others, I spent countless hours sitting behind a desk, staring at a computer screen, and answering calls. I didn’t realize how much of an impact this sedentary lifestyle was having on my health. Little did I

14 Diabetes “the Silent Killer”

Once upon a time, I believed diabetes was only related to obesity, but now I know better. I used to be very diligent about what I ate and how frequently I exercised, but I must admit that I have fallen behind in both areas. Also, I have a pattern of poor sleep, which may be

0 Eco-tourism in Brazil- Amazonia

With a territory that covers nine countries, it is home to the largest biodiversity on the planet: there are more than 40 thousand species of plants, 1,300 species of birds, 3 thousand types of fish, 430 different mammals, and 2.5 million species of insects! besides being very important for life on the planet, it is

0 Eco-tourism in Brazil- Amazonia ASMR

I was thinking what should I writte about Amazon rainforest. But I believe I dont need explain the general details because I know – actually I really hope so!- that all or most of the people know the importancy of this ecosystem.   As a start, I would like to introduce you a very relaxation

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