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23 How Subaru Paved the Way for Automotive LGBT Marketing

Let’s take a trip back to the 1990s. Rachel and Ross, Britney and Justin, MTV, Sony Discmans, Slime, Tamagotchis, Yo-Yos, VHS tapes, … It was a fun decade. One brand wasn’t having a great decade, though. Subaru’s sales were in steep decline. Although the small automaker was known for building very reliable (albeit a bit

3 10 Steps to LGBT-Inclusify Your Business

In a previous post, I’ve told you all about Rainbow-Washing, and why you’ll want to avoid painting your business in rainbow colors if there’s nothing to back up your claim of inclusiveness. However, making your business LGBT-inclusive isn’t easy and certainly doesn’t happen overnight. If you choose this path, you’ll need courage, strength, patience, and

2 How do foreign enterprises properly open the Chinese market

Hello everyone, welcome back to my Blog. Today, I will list 5 tips for enterprises outside China to smoothly enter into the Chinese market.   (图片来自知乎) Building the enterprise’s official public account and customer group on WeChat. WeChat is the most popular online social tool with 1.1 billion users in China. Advantages: – low cost:

5 How To Find LGBT-Inclusive Businesses

When you make a large investment, say more than $ 1,000, what do you look for in a corporation? Maybe you want them to be environmentally friendly (or at least conscious), maybe you want them to pay equal wages to all genders, maybe you just want them to not be evil. When I make a

3 How To Celebrate Pride During a Global Pandemic

June is almost here – you probably know what that means: Rainbows everywhere! Stores, windows, corporate Twitter profile pictures, crosswalks, entire streets, and even buildings glow in beautiful, celebratory colors. Every year, there’s parades, celebrations, parties, and – yes – equal rights manifestations that aren’t always so peaceful. Now, you’re probably already cringing. Parades? Parties?

2 Insight into the clothing international trade

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today, I would like to show the international trade of clothing with you from the perspective of international traders. As an end-customer, we can only see the branded apparel hanging in the beautiful shop window like the above video showed but this is not the whole story. How are

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