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0 Describe your dream hotel | Travel 2.0

Would you rather vacation at the beach or in the mountains, to a major city or to a remote location, in a luxurious resort or a small family-owned hotel? Would you rather book a hotel with a relaxing spa or a mouthwatering breakfast offering, with a shiny parquet or a carpet floor, with a breathtaking

0 Natürliche Proteinquellen – meine 5 Favoriten im Alltag

Im letzten Post hast du sicherlich bemerkt, dass man sogar als Mischköstler sehr oft pflanzlich basierte Kohlenhydrat- und Fettquellen konsumiert. Es ist also bei einer Umstellung auf eine vegane Ernährung nicht mal notwendig, dass du diese Lebensmittel durch Andere ersetzen müsstest. Bei den Proteinquellen sieht die Lage etwas anders aus. Aus diesem Grund möchte ich

3 How you can find your dream hotel | Travel 2.0

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Carina, I’m 24 years old and I’m happiest whilst travelling. I love everything about it – the amazing sceneries, the fascinating histories, the big unknown, the people, the food variety and the adventure. Therefore, I use every spare minute to explore the world. Although I trust

0 5 Ways Social Impact Venture Building Can Change the World

Changing the world seems like an overwhelming task but new ways of approaching this are becoming more successful and gaining traction. Social Impact venture building is a relatively new approach on how to tackle the most difficult problems that people face in their daily lives, such as unemployment, food security and the impact of pollution.

4 Positives Mindset – Wie ist Deine Denkweise?

„Boah habe ich Stress“, „Das war ein doofer Tag“, „Ich bin viel zu Müde“, „Das nervt sowas von“ … Kommen dir diese Ausdrücke bekannt vor? Dann bist Du hier auf meinem Blog zum Thema positives Mindset genau richtig! Im ersten Blogbeitrag geht es darum, wie man überhaupt “Mindset” definieren kann und was das mit dem

10 Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is more than clothing it is a lifestyle for some, exclusively me, as an author of this blog. Although, clothing assists with expression of personality and individuality; means of social communication; cultural meaning; economic status and of course enhancement of the person. Upon a wide variation of restraints, clothing has a long history of

14 Top Street Styles from Micro-Fashion Influencers

Scrolling your Instagram feed you perhaps noticed that accounts with millions followers are getting less engagement than thousands of micro- influencers who are making a substantial effect on their niche. Since you have heard a lot about them on my blogs, I have seen that those bloggers are appreciated by their audiences and people get

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