Savoring Success: Canteen Dining Strategies and Future Trends

Following our initial tech-infused conversation with Chef Andreas Garber at HSLU University Canteen, where we explored innovative tools like Longview software’s Menu Sustainability Index and Necta program, our sustainability journey continues. In this final interview, Chef Garber takes us behind the scenes of ZFV Catering’s …

Savoring Success: Global Catering Trends.

Explore the dynamic trends shaping the global contract catering industry in our latest blog, leveraging insights from Cognitive Market Research’s 2023 report. Dive into key drivers of expansion and the vital role sustainability plays in the European market, highlighting growth projections and shifting consumer demands. Uncover insights from Deloitte’s Food Service Market Monitor, revealing strategic adaptations by market operators and the rising trend of vegetarianism. Plus, discover concise strategic questions for Foodservice CEOs, adapted from Mordor Intelligence’s 2023 report, providing actionable insights for catering professionals. Stay updated and inspired in the ever-evolving realm of contract catering and food service.

Savoring Success: Contract Catering’s Food Management

This blog explores Europe’s contract catering industry’s substantial impact and potential for sustainability. It discusses the challenges of food waste and the role of the institutional catering sector in managing food. It also invites catering professionals to anticipate a forthcoming post on innovative food waste reduction in school canteens and engage in this transformative journey.

Vegetarian Fast Food Delights in Lucerne! ??

Attention, all vegetarian and plant-based food enthusiasts in Lucerne! If you’re looking for a quick and delicious fast food experience that caters to your dietary preferences, look no further. Lucerne has a variety of fantastic options for you to explore, and today we’re highlighting three amazing places that offer delightful variations of Planted, a popular…