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0 Clubhouse BOOM

I have conducted a short interview with an owner of AlexProduction Studio. Alexandra is a marketing expert, and she shared her thoughts on scarcity marketing and how this strategy provided unprecedented growth of this App. So, Clubhouse is a new social media where people can communicate only with their voices. No photos. No videos. Only

0 Unihockey Skills – Shooting Übungen

Wayne Gretzky ist wohl berühmteste Eishockeyspieler und beste Skorer der Geschichte. Er machte einmal folgendes Zitat: «You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.» Was er damit meinte? Wer nicht schiesst, erziehlt keine Tore! Und wer gut schiesst, erziehlt noch mehr Tore. Im Video zeige ich dir einige Schuss-Übungen, mit welchen du deine Shooting-Skills

0 Food Waste: From Crisis to Business Opportunity

Consider the last time you brought home a haul of fresh fruits and vegetables, looking forward to a week of healthy eating, only to have your berries go bad overnight, your greens wilt in the fridge and the avocados go soft on the counter. Wasting food can be frustrating, and a hit on your wallet. 

0 Chipeño – 3 Saucen 1 Vergnügen!

Warum Mayonnaise und Ketchup, wenn es doch Chipeño gibt!? Es wird Zeit für etwas Neues! Wer meine letzten Blog-Beiträge mitverfolgt hat, weiss inzwischen, dass die rauchige Chili Chipotle Sauce in jeden Kühlschrank gehört! Doch welche Sauce passt am besten zu dir? In diesem Beitrag stelle ich euch das aktuelle Sortiment der Chipeño GmbH vor und

0 When was the last time you tried something new? 

“The most precious thing that we all have with us is time.” – Steve Jobs Trying new things in life is not always easy or something we all know. However, it doesn’t have to be something huge and scary when you try to be more spontaneous or try new things. When you’re trying to be

0 Wer trinkt weltweit am meisten Wein?

Wusstest du, dass … der Vatikan Nummer eins im Pro-Kopf-Konsum von Wein ist? Im Jahr 2019 hat jede Person im Vatikan durchschnittlich ungefähr 73.8 Liter Wein getrunken. Im Vergleich dazu lag der Pro-Kopf-Konsum in der Schweiz im Jahr 2019 bei 33.4 Litern. Und wer so viel trinkt, der muss sich auch vor dem Kater am

0 The Path is the Goal – 5 best places to go for a first hike

Whether you are looking to see towering peaks and massive glaciers or emerald blue lakes and magnificent valleys, the number of possibilities for hiking in Switzerland are endless. First hike is like a first kiss, you will remember it forever. But where to go for the first hike? Well, basically anywhere. Switzerland has amazing scenery,

0 How to start a life project… in Switzerland? Part Three

The ideas flow, the work opportunities combined with study, a path of desperation to want to do something, well I don’t know about you, but in my case there is an enormous need to work, as I once read in manifestos of great minds of sociologists and philosophers, some of them are in the Social…

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