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6 CBD Products & Online Marketing

Welcome to the last post of my awareness campaign! In my previous posts I focused on presenting information about CBD, such as the differences between CBD and THC, CBD products, benefits and side effects of CBD, and CBD for pets. In this last post I wanted to inform you about the difficulty of advertising CBD

1 Why is communication important when managing remote teams?

If you were reading/watching my previous posts, you sure noticed that I always mention communication when talking about remote work. For today’s video, I am explaining why is communication important when managing remote teams. Resources: Managing remote teams 7 Tips for better communication with remote teams Remote team communication 

2 How to successfully manage remote teams

Right now, working from home has become more than a trend. It’s now a necessity for companies all across the globe. As a result, there are thousands of team leaders and managers who find themselves suddenly managing a completely remote team. As much as remote work can be fraught with challenges, there are also relatively

87 Let’s get serious: Top 8 points in your SEO checklist

SEO is a constantly changing field. The internet is rapidly expanding, and search engines’ algorithms are continually altering to offer the best possible results to users. Thousands more webmasters and SEOs, on the other hand, are attempting to rank their sites. Websites that rank high in the search results are not deceiving search engines; rather,

2 Let’s get serious: How to choose the right keywords?

Choosing keywords is the foundation of successful search engine optimization. Do you know the joke about a wife asking her husband, a SEO specialist, where does he want to go out and he replies: a bar, Irish, pub, saloon, tavern, lounge, inn, saloon, barroom, roadhouse, taproom, after-hours joint, drinker, drinking establishment, gin mill, public house….

0 Instagram Manager Insights – IG Stories

How do bloggers find what to talk about in their stories and not make it boring? Hello again, welcome back to my blog. I really hope you will enjoy the topic and will get a little bit inspired about making Stories for your personal or business account. Today I will quickly discuss how to organize

7 Instagram Reels und TikTok: Eine grossartige Chance?

Instagram lancierte vor kurzem ein neues Feature, welches TikTok sehr ähnelt. Viele User bezeichnen Instagram Reels sogar als eine Kopie von TikTok. Einige Nutzer wie auch viele Social Media Experten nehmen diese zwei Social Media Plattformen als Konkurrenten war, wohingegen ich die zwei Plattformen als vielversprechende Kombination sehe. In meinem letzten Blogbeitrag über das Thema

4 Let’s Get Serious: The dark side of SEO

“..Andrew was a bit worried. His company wanted to expand. He had just hired new staff, but over the last few months, the number of leads he was getting, had reduced tremendously. It’s just a couple of bad months he thought. This happens in every company. He approached an East European company specialized in SEO

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