The End of my Vegan Journey?

As my vegan semester comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on the experiences that have shaped this chapter of my life. While the environmental and ethical benefits of veganism have been strong motivators, the practical challenges I’ve faced have also taught me valuable lessons. This adventure has been full of surprising culinary discoveries and moments of perseverance. And of course the question arises: Will I continue my plant based diet?

Eating on the go has proven to be one of the biggest hurdles. Before embracing a vegan lifestyle, convenience was never an issue. Any shop or fast-food outlet would offer something quick and satisfying. However, as a vegan, finding enjoyable and convenient options became a constant struggle. Bland salads and uninspired wraps often became my default choices at train stations or between classes, leaving me yearning for more variety and flavor.

Grocery shopping also presented its own challenges. I spent countless hours reading labels and researching brands to avoid hidden animal products. Despite the frustrations, my perseverance led me to discover some delightful vegan alternatives. Vegan salmon, for instance, was a revelation. Its taste and texture were so convincing.  Vegan bacon with its crispy and smoky flavor, added a delicious twist to my breakfasts.

The benefits of my vegan lifestyle are undeniable. Reducing my carbon footprint and supporting animal rights provide a deep sense of fulfillment. However, the constant struggle to find convenient and enjoyable vegan options has required meticulous planning and creativity.

Despite these challenges, I am committed to continuing my vegan journey. The experience has profoundly shaped my outlook on food and the environment. I strive to balance convenience with my values, making thoughtful and sustainable choices whenever possible.

In conclusion, my vegan journey has been an enlightening experience, teaching me the importance of mindful eating and sustainable living. While the path is not always easy, the rewards are worth it. I look forward to discovering more plant-based delights and continuing to support a greener, kinder world. ? ?


Thank you for accompanying me on this journey! ?




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