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1 How to create boundaries between private and professional life while working from home – Interview with a psychologist

As I promised on my previous article regarding 4 Online Meeting Tools You Didn’t Know About , I am back to talk about how to create boundaries between private and professional life while working from home. In order to provide trustworthy advices, I interviewed a psychologist. Chiorean Liviu Octavian – Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Sports Psychologist

14 Top Street Styles from Micro-Fashion Influencers

Scrolling your Instagram feed you perhaps noticed that accounts with millions followers are getting less engagement than thousands of micro- influencers who are making a substantial effect on their niche. Since you have heard a lot about them on my blogs, I have seen that those bloggers are appreciated by their audiences and people get

0 Study Abroad Show – Season Finale

Welcome to the Season Finale of the Study Abroad Show, Thank you all for reading during the last couple of weeks, for the last episode I have put together a little behind the scenes video of all the interviews I did for the show. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a video call with everyone and also

0 Beni’s return from studying abroad

Welcome back, Remember the introduction episode when I said, “When a friend asked me on the metro if I would be interested in moving to Denmark for uni, I got excited right away.” well today I am going to talk to that friend. Let me introduce you to today’s guest, Beni, his story is another exceptional

6 Where is Switzerland with Smart Home Tech?

Welcome back to my last blog post about Smart Home Tech! It has been a pleasure talking to you about how technology can make our life easier at home. Today, we have a special guest: Thomas Marfurt, Sales Director in B2B market at Swisscom! Check out the interview we did with him! 1.    Introduction 0:16

0 Studying in Switzerland… How is that?

Hello Again!!! welcome back to my blog 🙂 In order to have further understanding of how is the experience of studying in Switzerland, I interviewed a friend who is currently enrolled in a master here. Learn about her experience in the video below and let me know what you think about it! Do you plan

0 Campagne d’influence BCV X JOJ2020 – interview

Bonjour à tous ! Pour ce dernier article de ma série sur le marketing d’influence, je voulais vraiment avoir le retour d’expérience d’une entreprise de suisse romande. C’est chose faite car j’ai eu la chance d’interviewer Laetitia Schaller, Community Manager à la BCV. Vous trouverez ci-dessous, les questions abordées et à quelle minute elles se situent

0 采访— 关于中国与欧洲各国和韩国的贸易情况

Hello 大家好,欢迎回到我的Blog。我们今天联系到了三位国际贸易从业人员并请求他们结合各自所从事贸易的行业和国家对“中国与各国开展贸易的机遇和挑战”进行一个经验分享。希望他们多年的行业经验可以为你在进入新的目标市场前有所帮助! 1) 中韩化妆品贸易从业者–李先生 2)中瑞进出口贸易从业者–张先生 3)中国对北欧进出口贸易从业者–徐小姐   随着全球化的深化以及物流等辅助设施的发展国际贸易变得越来越普遍,如何做好自己行业的国际贸易? 你对于全球一体化下的国际贸易发展有设么样的看法?你认为全球贸易的机遇和挑战分别是什么? 欢迎在留言区进行讨论~  

4 FIDM Weekend Special part 2

Welcome back, To continue our weekend special in this second episode I am talking to one of the most important people in an international student’s life at FIDM. If you haven’t read the first part of this weekend special yet where I talked to Sarah Repetto the International Affairs Director at FIDM go ahead and

5 FIDM Weekend Special part 1

Welcome back, I have talked to Ben last time whom I have met on my exchange semester at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), as it was such a crazy and amazing time of my study abroad journey it seemed right to reach out and talk to some of the staff there to

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