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1 How to create boundaries between private and professional life while working from home – Interview with a psychologist

As I promised on my previous article regarding 4 Online Meeting Tools You Didn’t Know About , I am back to talk about how to create boundaries between private and professional life while working from home. In order to provide trustworthy advices, I interviewed a psychologist. Chiorean Liviu Octavian – Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Sports Psychologist

6 The invite-only app everyone’s talking about

What is this invite-only app that everyone’s been talking about? Does podcasts sounds boring to you? Will a new social media app catch your attention? Check out the video down below to find out more about it! 🙂   insert video Do you know that the app is still a beta version?

6 Microsoft Word: The Simple Formatting Guide

Think about the last time you needed to write a report, paper or even a thesis… Probably not under your top 10 favourite experiences. From my personal experience, I have learnt that it’s usually not only the writing part itself which leads to frustration but also the seemingly never-ending phase of FORMATTING the whole thing.

0 5 Ways Social Impact Venture Building Can Change the World

Changing the world seems like an overwhelming task but new ways of approaching this are becoming more successful and gaining traction. Social Impact venture building is a relatively new approach on how to tackle the most difficult problems that people face in their daily lives, such as unemployment, food security and the impact of pollution.

12 5 Must-Have Apps for Microsoft Teams

Hello and welcome to the very first blog post of my eight-part series Let’s talk about Microsoft 365. In today’s post I am writing about a software which has probably seen my face more often than my own mother in the last year – Microsoft Teams. To be more specific, I want to share with

6 Will Millenials and Gen Z embrace this?

Let us all be real here. You are probably not going to read the entire article, but what if I told you that you that you will miss out on the next big “thing” on the digital world? Scroll on now. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the usage of digital media has immensely increased for the

30 Let’s Get Serious: 6 Digital Marketing Strategies

It’s important that you strive to create an online footprint for your brand if you want to succeed in today’s competitive digital marketplace. Remember this simple fact: Google and Facebook make more profits than any other conventional advertising company because they have more eyeballs. This is why digital marketing is important; it is where the

8 «Alles Schlechte hat etwas Gutes!» – auch zu Zeiten von Covid-19?

Ein Zitat von Jon Cohens, welches zum Thema dieses Blogposts kaum zutreffender sein könnte. Die Covid-19 Pandemie erreichte im Februar 2020 die Schweiz (Bundesamt für Gesundheit, 2020), seither hat sich unser Leben massgeblich verändert: soziale Kontakte sind eingeschränkt, Reisen verboten, Veranstaltungen abgesagt, Läden mussten schliessen und es gilt eine Homeoffice Pflicht. Was ist nun das…

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