Matcha Tea: Great Ways to Enjoy Matcha (VIDEO GUIDE INCLUDED)

Today I would like to share with you great and simple ways to enjoy matcha! 

Ceremonial grade matcha shot and vanilla ice-cream is the simplest, yet my favorite way to enjoy matcha on a summer day. This fusion offers a delightful balance of sweetness and the slightly bitter, earthy undertones of matcha. The perfect combination of a creamy texture and refreshing taste makes it the best dessert for any time.




Matcha latte is a comforting beverage for me. My personal favorite for matcha latte is coconut almond milk. I think it has the best taste and texture for a matcha latte. While almond drink is the quite nutty, coconut mix gives it refreshing notes. This coconut almond milk is creamy, yet it doesn’t have a strong flavor, so you can really enjoy the unclouded taste of matcha.




Iced coconut water matcha is another perfect combo for a summer treat. The natural sweetness of the coconut water and the matcha green tea flavor creates a tasty, healthy and refreshing iced tea to sip. The duo keeps you both energized and hydrated Sip by Sip.




A favorite Japanese dessert of mine which comes in matcha flavor is mochi ice cream. The combination of the chewy mochi exterior and the creamy matcha ice cream interior is a delightful treat that captures the essence of this traditional tea in a modern, delicious form. In recent years, it has gained world-wide popularity, and nowadays you can often find it in the ice-cream section of your supermarket. In Switzerland, it’s available in Migros, Aldi, and Lidl. If you still didn’t taste mochi, I highly recommend to give them a try!



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