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0 How to start a life project… in Switzerland? Part Three

The ideas flow, the work opportunities combined with study, a path of desperation to want to do something, well I don’t know about you, but in my case there is an enormous need to work, as I once read in manifestos of great minds of sociologists and philosophers, some of them are in the Social…

4 Diving into its features – Canva.

DID YOU KNOW? That you can create a creative template for your brand within a few clicks. No I’m not telling you to hire someone to do it. They say that lazy people come up with smart solutions. (or did they?) My “smart” solution (to your educational/marketing needs) for you today, is to invite you…

5 Canva – The key to unlocking your designer needs.

For those of you creative (or self proclaimed not-so-creative) fellas out there, I hope you’ve heard of the platform Canva. If not, you’re in for a very juicy treat along this blog post! Before I move on, do check out my previous posts regarding Podcasting and Clubhouse. I’ve been a user of this platform since…

2 The art of self-reflection

The Greek Philosopher Socrates (469-399 BC) uses the archaic expression “Γνώθι σαυτόν,” which means “know yourself.” It may sound simple and meaningless, but this phrase combines humility with self-acceptance and contains a great lesson. By improving our relationships with our inner selves, we can build self-confidence and improve our relationships with those around us. Even

6 A Tequila trend you didn’t know about!

Hola! Welcome back to my Tequila blog. If you read my previous post, you are already aware of the several types of Tequila. However, I want to tell you about a trend which you probably did not know about. A whole new spirit experience… Tequila Cristalino This one is my personal favorite…but what is it?

1 How to start a life project… in Switzerland? Part One.

  Alluding to your entrepreneurial spirit, look inside yourself for that desire to create something new that fills your life with meaning, what is it that you are looking for? Have you started to write it down? I don’t have the resources… I don’t have time… I don’t have, I don’t have, I don’t have……

15 Prioritize mental health

In the cover image of this post, someone can make out two empty frames and two flowers underneath. Everyone can approach this picture differently and proceed in a different way. Someone can choose to put two pictures in these frames or hose the two flowers. Someone else may choose to put these flowers in a

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