4 FREE Tools That Boost Your Productivity

The Power of Productivity Tools When working part-time besides studying, staying on top of your game means leveraging the right tools. But who says you need to break the bank to boost your productivity? Here’s the lowdown on 4 FREE tools that are about to …

Die Suche nach dem perfekten Podcast Thema

Hallo liebe angehende Podcasterinnen und Podcaster! đŸ‘‹đŸ» In diesem Blogbeitrag dreht sich alles um die Suche nach dem perfekten Thema fĂŒr euren Podcast. Du hast schon oft darĂŒber nachgedacht, deinen eigenen Podcast zu starten, aber du weisst nicht genau, welches Thema du wĂ€hlen sollst? Keine …

AWAS-Portraits of Afghan Women: Continuing the Journey

Dear readers, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your support, comments, likes, and shares of my blog. It has been a truly wonderful experience for me to meet so many inspiring women who have integrated into Switzerland and have success stories to share. I have always been deeply inspired by the success

AWAS – Portraits of Afghan Women: Mahnaz Shahid

Thirty years ago, Mahnaz Shahid®s family took the courageous step of moving to Switzerland when she was just 8 years old. Alongside her family, she fled her homeland and made a stopover in Vietnam. Her father, a diplomat, had to travel to Vietnam for work, and the family decided to accompany him. Initially, their plan

Smart Hotels : The result of Smart Technology

 “The biggest part of our digital transformation is changing the way we think.” – Simeon Preston In all aspects of our daily lives, smart technology has a significant impact. The hospitality sector is not only exceeding expectations but also driving the adoption of smart business …

Buying food in Secend.ch đŸ„

Food produced but not consumed leads to unnecessary CO2/emissions, biodiversity loss, and water and land consumption. Did you know that the food system accounts for about 28 % of Switzerland’s food footprint? Many products are wasted because they are not considered culturally edible, not because they are. For example, some foods still have 3 to

Let’s talk @ FemUnity: Event Management

Hi there, We are back with the second video of this mini video serie, this time sharing our experience on event management @ FemUnity. We talk for instance about the obstacles that we meet, but also what we aim at doing during our events… Enjoy …