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2 How Hoteliers Turn Crisis Into Opportunity

Hello dear readers, we are slowly getting closer to the end of the blogpost series about the hospitality industry. In today’s post, you will learn about the ways how hospitality and tourism-related companies deal with the current challenging situation with success. One of the biggest changes in the travel business model, to which most hotels

0 The 7 most beautiful beaches in Portugal

Although Portugal is a small country it has almost 1800 km. oceanic coastline with 592 beaches. The majority of them are sandy and 330 beaches awarded with the Blue Flag – an award for excellent swimming standards and safety. Officially the beginning of the swimming season in Portugal starts on June 15 and ends on September 15, but

0 Nazaré – the biggest waves in the world are born here

Nazaré is a small fishing town with beautiful beaches, seafood restaurants, and magnificent ocean views. Before it became a tourist destination, the town relied mostly on fishing. But now this place is world-famous for its huge waves. Summer brings the crowds of holidaymakers, but for most of the year, Nazaré is a surfers paradise. Watch

6 Modern Capsule Hotels Never Fail to Surprise, Here is Why

Welcome back to the hospitality blog, today we will talk about capsule hotels. This accommodation type is certainly not for everyone, but the benefit of these hotels is their convenience and low price. Some hotels also provide restaurants, snack bars, pools, and other entertainment facilities. Many capsule hotels go the extra mile to attract guests

4 Appetit auf MEER! – Willkommen in der Psarotaverna!

Kalimera und Herzlich Willkommen zu Tag 6 deiner kulinarischen Reise durch die Küchen der griechischen Insel Kreta. Heute gehen wir wieder der Frage nach: Was isst man auf Kreta? Appetit auf MEER! Heute zeige ich dir alles was du wissen musst, damit der Fang des Tages auch garantiert auf deinem Teller landet! Deine Reise nähert

6 12 things You must eat (and drink) in Portugal

When you are exploring a new country it always includes local dishes to get a real taste of the country’s cuisine. Pastel de Nata, bacalhau, Port wine. How much do you know about Portuguese cuisine? Beyond this well-known food, there is much more to try. If you like seafood and a Mediterranean diet, then you’ll

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