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1 How to create boundaries between private and professional life while working from home – Interview with a psychologist

As I promised on my previous article regarding 4 Online Meeting Tools You Didn’t Know About , I am back to talk about how to create boundaries between private and professional life while working from home. In order to provide trustworthy advices, I interviewed a psychologist. Chiorean Liviu Octavian – Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Sports Psychologist

6 The invite-only app everyone’s talking about

What is this invite-only app that everyone’s been talking about? Does podcasts sounds boring to you? Will a new social media app catch your attention? Check out the video down below to find out more about it! 🙂   insert video Do you know that the app is still a beta version?

6 Plauderstube mit Marco Zabkar

Marco (32, Luzern) erzählt uns von seiner grössten Herausforderung in seinem Leben: Während seiner Kindheit und Jugendzeit erkrankte seine Mutter an Brustkrebs und wenige Jahre später kam sein Vater aufgrund einer Krankheit in den Rollstuhl. Die Folgen von diesen Schicksalschlägen spürt er heute noch. Doch hat er einiges aufgearbeitet und sieht nach vorn.  

2 Call me by your change

Call me by your change “Small changes can make huge destination differences.” — Sean Covey Lately, the world seems to be lurching from one crisis to another. People feel desperate, frustrated and lost in concurrence.Persistent challenges drain their energy, and they ignore sources of motivation and happiness. Especially during a pandemic, when only sad news

12 5 Must-Have Apps for Microsoft Teams

Hello and welcome to the very first blog post of my eight-part series Let’s talk about Microsoft 365. In today’s post I am writing about a software which has probably seen my face more often than my own mother in the last year – Microsoft Teams. To be more specific, I want to share with

8 The internal journey of a doer

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.  – Winston Churchill   The journey to new beginnings is not an easy step but it’s for sure a step from good to great. That’s how I see it and it’s how my internal locus guides me every single day. I will describe

6 Will Millenials and Gen Z embrace this?

Let us all be real here. You are probably not going to read the entire article, but what if I told you that you that you will miss out on the next big “thing” on the digital world? Scroll on now. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the usage of digital media has immensely increased for the

10 Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is more than clothing it is a lifestyle for some, exclusively me, as an author of this blog. Although, clothing assists with expression of personality and individuality; means of social communication; cultural meaning; economic status and of course enhancement of the person. Upon a wide variation of restraints, clothing has a long history of

1 What is digital minimalism?

For now this will be my last blogpost of the minimalism blog series. However, I want to wrap it up with an important topic about digital detox. The time wasted on mobile devices is increasing year by year. On average an US adult is spending around 3 1/2 hours on their smartphones or surfing the

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