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5 Buying food in đŸ„

Food produced but not consumed leads to unnecessary CO2/emissions, biodiversity loss, and water and land consumption. Did you know that the food system accounts for about 28 % of Switzerland’s food footprint? Many products are wasted because they are not considered culturally edible, not because they are. For example, some foods still have 3 to

4 đŸ„ Is Too Good To Go worth it in Switzerland?

I have been using this application for some time; since I discovered it, the first thing I wanted to do was to try it out. So far, I have used it ten times. I have bought secret bags in Zug, Lucerne and Schaffhausen, and I have rescued bread, pretzels, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and even

4 Keep inspiring and getting inspired

Hi beautiful people! I would like to take the opportunity today to talk about female inspiration; going from female entrepreneurship to social achievements. To get some examples of female figures of inspiration, I asked the question to my followers…  I’m sure that you also might know some of them as well! As you can recognise,

2 Zermatt Insider Guide Tip: 8 Italy Day Trip

One of the great things about studying abroad in Switzerland is how easy it is to travel to other countries. When staying in Zermatt, you can easily travel to Italy for a day trip whether it’s ski season or the summer season. This can be done as the Matterhorn glacier paradise has a panoramic border-crossing

0 NextGen series-long distance equine management?

  Well, I hope I just got your attention with the video and you enjoyed my journey from Switzerland’s apartment to the stables in the Czech Republic. People tend to ask me if I donÂŽt miss my horses- I certainly do. The second usual question is, however, related more to the management of these animals

0 Let’s talk @ FemUnity: Event Management

Hi there, We are back with the second video of this mini video serie, this time sharing our experience on event management @ FemUnity. We talk for instance about the obstacles that we meet, but also what we aim at doing during our events… Enjoy watching! xoxo

2 Buying Food cheaper đŸ„

Too Good To Go is the most famous app to combat food waste, connecting shops with users. Instead of throwing away leftover food, the app advertises surprise bags that can be bought at a reduced price and picked up at a specific time. I have used the app several times and I must confess that

2 Public fridges đŸ„ Madame Frigo Interview

Your comments have been heard, and today, we will learn more about Madame Frigo as you requested. Therefore, I interviewed Moritz LĂŒchinger, who oversees Marketing and Communications.   Can you tell me what Madame Frigo is? We are an organisation; we want to help people avoid homemade food waste. So, almost the third part of

0 Das vegetarische und vegane Mensa-Konzept der UniversitÀt Luzern | Zwei Studierende-Meinungen ein Jahr nach der Umstellung

Als im Sommer 2021 die Mensa der UniversitĂ€t Luzern sich dazu entschied, Fleisch und Fisch völlig aus dem MenĂŒ zu streichen, ist eine Diskussion ausgebrochen, die mit den Medien auf nationale Ebene getragen wurde. Nun fast ein Jahr nach der Umstellung habe ich bei Studierenden der UniversitĂ€t nachgefragt, wie sie heute zum vegetarischen MenĂŒ stehen.

0 VierwaldstĂ€ttersee Lucerne Lake – Exploring Switzerland

Lake of Lucerne or VierwaldstÀttersee is a very beautiful lake, located in the heart of Switzerland. In the city of Lucerne, you can find special places for swimming in the lake, docks for boats, and lots of picturesque spots where you can enjoy the view and maybe feed ducks and swans that swim by.

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