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0 Top 5 applications for mobile editing

At the moment, there’re tones of applications on AppStore/GooglePlay which can help you to edit pictures. However, there’re just several apps which won’t damage the quality of your lovely picture. Myself, on a daily base I use about 15 applications. There’s something for adding text, some apps for lighting, some of them for filters, etc.

8 Make knitting cool again.

I think knitting is cool. Obviously! I never thought that it was uncool, to be honest, and I don’t see it as something fashionable either. I think it has always been contemporary, present and current in every era. But what about what we think -or better-, what  do YOU think of knitting? I said it

0 It’s Time to Change Mobility! #EasyMobiliser

Hello Everybody We continue to talk about what is happening in Mobility and what is changing rapidly. It may not be possible to predict how important the mobility need is, how fast this sector changes and what will happen! You may encounter situations you have never guessed! Here is another example. Let’s imagine this. Two

6 The Evolution of the Goalie Mask

Every year in the National Hockey League’s All-Star game the hardest shot of the league is measured. The current record stands at 108.8mph (175km/h) by Zdeno Chara. Now imagine you have to stand in front of this shot – without a helmet.

2 First thing first: The basics

Hi and welcome back! As I mentioned in my last post, you’ll need just a few items for a quick start into the game. I thought a lot about how create this list, so you’ll be able to get all the necessary information you need.

2 What do I have in common with Christopher Walken?

Yes. It is knitting. Now I am going to tell you a little story. I studied architecture in Italy and this master’s degree required a global knowledge of a lot of things. It was at that time that multitasking entered my life. At the time, it was difficult to deal with and frustrating I daresay.

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