But first, let me take a selfie!

I haven’t expected that it would be quite difficult to create this post, just because I haven’t taken selfies for a long time already! Anyway! Good news that I’ve found my selfie and ready to show you how I’ve edited it.


Top 3 “retouch” applications:

1. YouCam Makeup

2. Airbrush

3. Facetune 2

Mostly this kind of applications has several editing sections like face, lips, eyes, hair, etc.

There you can choose makeup, lipstick color, eyelashes, skin tone, size of a face, hair color, etc. You have to check all these million functions yourself!

As a hint, I can mention that I don’t use every function and if I use anything then probably you will never notice the retouch!

Here’s my next and for sure not last tutorial! I hope you’ll enjoy it!
P.s. I’ve created THAT FAKE picture just to show opportunities – I would never upload this result on my social media accounts.


Do me a favor and don’t create surreal Facetune face with a small nose and huge eyes! Our imperfections are our highlights and we don’t have to be embarrassed by them, especially on social media! And if you want to learn any real makeup lifehacks or watch makeup tutorials, then you have to check Donika’s beauty blog.

For any questions (or just want to know how I’ve done bangs thingy), don’t hesitate to comment below or text me directly on social media!

Create beauty, not fake!

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