The Sound of Knitting

Do you also find yourself getting unusually mesmerized by repetitive sounds? Like clicking the cap of your pen? A constant and stable air conditioning sound? An urban noise just outside of your window? A bird chirping maybe?

Well, for me it is the sound of my knitting. To be more exact it is the sound of my knitting needles. Whenever I am immersed into my knitting, I feel like I am under a spell. It is probably because I mostly use needles made out of bamboo. When my needles click together, they make a very sweet and warm sound, which relaxes me and makes me feel at ease.

Have you ever had this kind of experience? With what kind of noise?

Take a break from what you are doing, put your headphones on and listen to my knitting needles for a while. I want to know how they made YOU feel!

Till next time,

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Sofia Skalisti

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