Better for blurring, not for removing pimples

I have already published the post about blurring the background on your picture.

But today I want to share one more tutorial and also the Tadaa app!

Also, I have already attached the video, my first one and showed how to work in the Facetune app (which is amazing in case of removing pimples).

I was completely wrong about blurring. The thing is I haven’t uploaded the Tadaaa app since I got my new phone – which is much better if you want to blur things.

There is an example of 2 pictures (at the top of this post) – Tadaa edit vs. Iphone portrait mode, which proves that you can make a good portrait shot even if you don’t have this function on your phone.

Here’s my new tutorial! Check it with sound on – better video with audio instruction!

I hope you’ll enjoy it. If you have any comments/questions/feedback, then you’re free to text me on social media, especially Instagram @morethanfilter.

Here, you have 2 links for these applications!

Facetune link

Tadaa link

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See you soon!


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