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0 The perfect podcast: Q&A

Hello, hello! Can you believe it? These are the last words I am typing for this project. I had such a great time sharing with you the little knowledge I gained from reading so many articles and talking to super interesting professionals. For this last episode, I wanted to give us the chance to exchange

0 The perfect podcast: Interview with a pro

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I have a very exciting blog post for you today. I have prepared my interview!!! In this week post: interview with a pro, I have had the chance to chat with a pioneer in the world of podcasting: Katarina Hagstedt. She is an award-winning podcast producer based

0 The perfect podcast: interpret data properly.

Hello everybody! I am so happy to meet you again. Sorry for abandoning you last week. I am back with a new post regarding data and data analytics. The world of data seems very clear and factual, full of figures that can only be fair and clear. Well… no! It’s not as clear as it

10 Saving money – 4 simple steps

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down. Most people are working from home, are employed on short-time work or even have already lost their jobs. The economic consequences are enormous. On the one hand this uncertainty can lead to financially worries. On the other hand the lockdown can also end in an uncontrollable online shopping

2 Smart Home Tech: What is Z-Wave?

What Z-Wave is and how Z-Wave works? Z-Wave is a wireless communications protocol used primarily for home automation; it focusses on connectivity within the Smart Home. It was born from an idea by Zensys, a Danish company in 1999 and is built as a mesh network. According to Z-Wave, in this framework, each non-battery device

4 The perfect podcast: Dos and Don’ts

Hi all! Unfortunately, I can hardly find time for interviews with experts and have to change my plans. If today was to be a podcast article with a professional of the genre, I switch to another post rather fun and straight forward: the do’s and don’ts. Not very complicated for us humans to understand since

2 The perfect podcast: Challenges due to Covid-19.

I chose for the fifth post of the blog to understand how the world of podcasting could be affected by the coronavirus. These posts are often more oriented towards new podcasters than experienced ones, but for this special episode, I hope everyone can get an idea. COVID-19 or coronavirus has been affecting our lives for

0 The perfect podcast: The best Platform.

Hello everybody! I am happy to meet you again for one of the most important part of the creation of your show: the choice of platform to host your podcast! I have listed the 6 platform I would suggest for a B2B podcast below: Let’s go onto more details, shall we? Buzzsprout is a very

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