Keep calm and start knitting.

Remember this blog post? I was telling you how knitting helps me disrupt from my busy schedule, distress and make time for myself. Well, as I keep writing this blog, I realize that this is so true. And I also realize that a lot of people are searching for a way to get away from their daily routine and do something about themselves, be happier and less stressed.

I was talking with my friend Elsa, from Keep it calm, honey. She is researching and writing about how to reduce stress. She also suggests different ways that will help and  make you feel better. She proposes how to “eat your stress away”, how quotes help her cope with stress and other meaningful ways to reduce it. She approached me a while ago and asked me about knitting. “Is it true that it helps to reduce stress?”. And I said, “well, you should definitely give it a try and let me know”. So, the first thing we decided to do, is a short podcast together and share our thoughts about knitting and stress. As a second step, we are going to meet, and I will teach her how to knit. We will let you know how that goes.

For the moment, you can listen to our discussion on this topic!

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