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Switzerland is known for its outdoor adventures and alpine scenery and one of the best ways to experience both is by hiking the Five Lakes trail in Zermatt. The Five Lakes Walk, other known as the 5- Seenweg, is an easy day hike in Zermatt that offers extraordinary views of the Matterhorn mountain. From gazing at the mountain from across a valley, to seeing it reflected in the lakes, the Five Lakes trail offers many incredible viewpoints everywhere to admire the famous Matterhorn.


Here is a quick glimpse of the Tips that are posted and soon to come!


5 Lakes Hike


Difficulty: easy peasy | Duration: 2 hr 30 min | Distance: 9.3 km (5.7 miles)

The Five Lakes Walk is a pretty easy hike that passes by five mountain lakes- Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee, and Leisee. Three of the lakes have reflections of the Matterhorn and the majority of the trail offers unobstructed views of Switzerland’s most recognizable peak.

The Five Lakes hike is 9.3 km (5.7 miles) and features a variety of terrain including wide, flat gravel paths, narrow dirt tracks with some protruding rocks, and a section of switchbacks.

The starting point of the Five Lakes trail is at Blauherd mountain station at 2,571 m (8,435 ft). To get to there you need to take the underground funicular to Sunnegga, then switch to a gondola that goes to Blauherd. From Blauherd most of the trail is downhill, but near the end of the hike there is a small section where the path makes a climb. The total elevation change during the hike is 286 m (938 ft) ascent and 575 m (1886 ft) descent. The hike ends at Sunnegga where you can take the funicular back to Zermatt.





1. Stellisee Lake

To start the hike you will depart from Blauherd and make your way to Stellisee, which I would say was the nicest of the 5 lakes. Here you will get to see incredible views of the Alps with the Matterhorn standing tall right in the middle. It is also one of the larger lakes on the hike, so you can take some time walking the trail around it and getting views from all angles.

2. Grindjisee Lake

As you walk along the trail you will see numerous small waterfalls coming off the side of the mountain as well as herds of sheep hanging out near the trail. After a short time after you will arrive at Grindjisee, which feels more so like a big pond than a lake.

3. Grünsee Lake

As you continue on the gravel road and up to your third lake of the day, you will soon arrive at Grünsee .

4. Moosjisee Lake

From Grunsee to Moosjisee you will head down a trail path which can be hard to see right away, you can always look for the yellow signs for directions.

5. Leisee Lake

After Moosjisee, you can make your way to the last of the lakes – Leisee. Here you will probably come across a lot more people and children as there is a playground and small area for people to go ‘swimming’. It is also just a short walk to Sunnegga so those of you who don’t want to hike everything, you could just go here.





My Insider Tips ~

1. The Five Lakes hike is pretty easy, which means its family friendly. The later you go, the more people and little kids there will be on the trails. So I would suggest going early to beat the crowd, but I know that is usually never the case after a night out in town.

2. The suggested time to complete the Five Lakes Walk is about 2.5 hrs. If you’re like me then I tend to walk faster, especially when there are more people. So depending on how many stops you make to take photos or breaks, you could be done faster.

3. If you have the SBB Abonnement pass, then you get the lift tickets 50% off to Sunnegga and Blauherd.

4. There are two mountain restaurants along the trail. One just after Grünsee and one at the end of the trail at Sunnega. However, you can always walk to all the restaurants that are on the ski slopes which I talked about in my second post here.



(Check out a video by clicking the photo below)

There you have my helpful guide with tips for hiking the 5 Lakes. I hope that when you come to visit Zermatt, that you will keep my tips and tricks in mind and visit. Have you already seen all 5 lakes? If so, comment below and tell me which is your fav!

PS – If you liked this post, stay tuned for more helpful tips traveling to Zermatt


My name is Abbie, a Californian native, currently studying Online Business & Marketing! I have been going to Zermatt since the Winter of 2019, where I‘ve spent quite some time there since. I wanted to share my knowledge of the tips & tricks I‘ve learned from locals to help other students wanting to visit for a weekend trip that isn‘t what you would typically find on influencer posts about Zermatt. 

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  1. I will have to come here during the summer to see these lakes and have lunch at Adler Hitta. Thanks for your helpful tips 🤩

  2. What an outstanding description of all our favourite places and sights in Zermatt! You just need to visit this beautiful place on earth!

  3. Abbie, amazing photos!
    I love your tips, and now Zermatt is on my bucket list for this summer!

  4. The Leisee Lake is giving me Blausee vibes, which is also on my bucket list! 🤩 Have you also been to that lake already?
    Adding these lakes now on my to-do list for this summer, thanks for the tips!

    1. No I haven’t unfortunately, which is a bit absurd given how many times I’ve driven past it on the way to Zermatt. Blausee will have to be a planned trip on its own 😊

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