Zermatt Insider Guide Tip: 1 Train or Car?


Sali zäme! (For those of you who don‘t know by now, sali zäme means hi everybody in Swiss German)

Here is a quick glimpse of the Tips that are soon to come!



As many students studying at HSLU, live outside of Lucerne, I being one of them, have the SBB abbonement card which lets you travel pretty much anywhere in Switzerland for a monthly or yearly fee. With this abbonement card, you can take the train to Zermatt from where you live for a weekend get-away. Depending on which city you live in, taking the train can be a complete nightmare or very normal and chill.

Traveling on a Friday or Weekend Holiday?
– HIGHLY recommend leaving before 14.00 pm if you can to avoid fully overcrowded train unless you want to stand 3+ hrs (entrance & hallways crowded with people)
– Download the SBB App to have you travel pass/ticket handy on your phone

– On the app check the train info for which section the restaurant car will be located for better chances at snagging a table first for a more comfortable ride (order drinks / food / study + no mask )



Driving on the other hand, is of course the most convenient and easiest, especially when you have more than a carry-on. Driving takes roughly around the same time depending on traffic and at the Lötschberg tunnel. This is a unique experience if you’ve never been on a car train before plus it gives you a few minutes to relax. If you’re going during a holiday, I recommend buying a ticket in advance, just to help speed up the line. Once you’ve reached Täsch, Parkhaus Schaller is a go-to, they’re super easy and affordable! They also have a taxi service, Taxi Rocky, which takes you the scenic “backroad” to Zermatt and drops you off at another taxi pick-up/drop-off location. There you can either walk the rest of the way to your accommodations or wait for a smaller taxi that is arranged to pick you up for another fee. Taking the taxi twice can be a bit much but it’s worth it when you’re struggling to carry your luggage.

Lötschberg Tunnel 

(Click photo for video)

  • Car train runs every 30 mins & every 15 mins during holidays
  • Small convenience store and a restroom before entrance to train
  • Drive onto narrow train & remain inside for about 15 mins

Matterhorn Terminal Täsch

  • Price: 16 CHF per day
  • Zermatt Shuttle Train ~ 8.20 CHF one way, 2nd class / free with SBB abonnement
  • Every 20 mins ~ 12 mins to reach Zermatt village (no cars allowed without a special permit)

Taxi Rocky – Parkhaus Schaller


  • Price: 10 CHF per day outside parking / 14 CHF per day inside parking
  • You can take their taxi service to Zermatt & will drop you off at another taxi station
  • You can also walk a few meters to get to the train station & village




PS – If you liked this post, stay tuned every week for more helpful tips traveling to Zermatt!


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My name is Abbie, a Californian native, currently studying Online Business & Marketing! I have been going to Zermatt since the Winter of 2019, where I‘ve spent quite some time there since. I wanted to share my knowledge of the tips & tricks I‘ve learned from locals to help other students wanting to visit for a weekend trip that isn‘t what you would typically find on influencer posts about Zermatt. 


  1. The SBB card sounds convenient! Figuring out the travel ways is always an intimidating part for me about traveling. Thanks for all the info! Just have to plan my trip.

  2. I have travelled to Zermatt already a few times by train but since it was super crowded the last time I‘m considering to take the car in the future! Appreciate the suggestions!

  3. Hi Abbiegale,

    Thanks for these helpful tips, I’m studying abroad here, sadly don’t have a car so the train tips are great for winter, thxxx

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