🥐 Options against food waste **PART 1**

Welcome to the first part of the list of game-changing options for food shopping in Switzerland.

The common denominator of all these alternatives is defying the status quo and trying to change our habits to fight food waste, which is more than just throwing food away. Food waste has a lot to do with the environment and the climate; it is the name we give to all the food that is lost or thrown away on the way from the field to the plate, at any stage of food production: in cultivation, processing, sale or even at the final consumer. For example, when products are removed from supermarket shelves because the expiry date is approaching or in the restaurant, not all the food options prepared for the lunch buffet are sold.

Check out this short introduction to platforms. We will get to know some of them in more depth later. You can decide which ones we’ll delve into at the end of this post in the comments section ⬇ ⬇

Too Good To Go

It sees itself as a movement that aims to inspire and empower anyone to fight food waste. It is a mobile app created in Denmark in 2016 with the belief that it is unacceptable for food that is still in good condition to end up going to waste by not being sold, hence its name. It aims to connect consumers with restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, hotels, and other businesses so that their surplus food can be consumed rather than wasted. It is present in 17 countries, including Switzerland. It tries to be an environmentally friendly solution that reduces the amount of waste for its partners and allows them to reach new consumers because it will enable them to discover shops according to location. On the other hand, it offers the possibility to buy surplus food for a fraction of its original price.



All types of bread and baked goods have to be thrown away, even if they are in perfect condition for consumption. What Äss-Bar does is to gather the baked goods of a respective area in one place, under the concept ”Frisch von Gestern (fresh from yesterday). The products they offer are collected from well-known bakeries every morning to help the environment and the wallet as they are sold at significantly reduced prices.

It is a unique bakery of Swiss origin inspired by initiatives in Germany and France. It has shops in the cities of Bern, Zürich, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Lausanne, Biel, Basel, Fribourg and Winterthur.

Madame Frigo

It is a non-profit organisation that seeks to improve food management to avoid food waste and increase social interaction in the neighbourhood. According to their website, the idea was born because 28% of all food waste in Switzerland is generated in households. It consists of placing refrigerators in the community to exchange food, with the help of volunteers who sponsor them, ensuring that they are kept clean and that the permitted products are placed in them. This way, if you are no longer going to consume a product, you can put it in the fridge for someone else to use, and of course, you can also make products to take home. It would be best to consider that no poultry or fish, alcohol, and open or processed products are accepted; fruits, vegetables, bread, and sealed products are received at most the best before date, but not the use-by date.

If you’ve come this far, you’re interested in the subject or at least a little curious about Better saved than wasted.

Tell me which option(s) most catches your attention❓❓  Which one do you want to know more about❓

📌There are still more options… Don’t miss the rest in: Options against food waste 🥐 **PART 2**

Options against food waste 🥐 **PART 2**

📌 What is this project about?: Better saved than wasted 🥐

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6 thoughts on “🥐 Options against food waste **PART 1**

  1. I think this blog is super exciting and absolutely timely. I would love to read about news in this area as well as new technologies in the field of foodwaste prevention. The project “Madame Frigo” should definitely be followed more closely.☺️

    1. Hi Adrian, thanks so much for your comment!! I will definitely incorporate your thoughts for the rest of my posts, don’t miss them! Maybe I’ll convince you to finally try some at least one of these options against food waste. 😉

      In the meantime I invite you to follow the second part here: Options against food waste 🥐 **PART 2**

  2. Exciting post, thanks for your ideas! I would like to know more about the Ässbar and “Madame Frigo”. I am curious about your further blog posts!

  3. Hi

    I don’t know any of the options you are showing us in this article, but I really like your idea, I will try to visit every place you recommend.


    1. Hello Luis 😉
      Thank you for your interest!
      I hope you dare try any of the options soon… they are all worth it!

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