Better saved than wasted 🥐


Have you ever thought that sometimes the most obvious solution is the most expensive? In Switzerland the most accessible shops are often the most expensive and when it comes to saving money, small changes definitely make a difference.  But what if I told you that you can also help the environment by buying food?

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Watch the video and find out what this is all about…

Tell me what you think? Are you ready to change the way you shop food?


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I come from Ecuador 🇪🇨 I have always been interested in foodstuff and have loved it since I can remember. While I came to Switzerland as a postgraduate student, I noticed new ways of sustainable food shopping. So, I'm jumping into the fray to share my discoveries and new experiences. If you want to find out about game-changing food shopping, you are in the right place! 😉


  1. Perfect Dani,

    I will take the time to look at your articles, save a little money and help the environment.


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