Beginner’s Guide to At-home Facial Massages (With Video!)

A secret to keeping your skin looking refreshed and healthy is facial massage. And no, not the fancy ones from a beauty boutique. This is something quick and easy that you can learn to do for yourself and incorporate into the end of your skincare routine. 💆🏻‍♀️🌙

Last week, I introduced you to two techy beauty treatments you can get to achieve that lifted and plumped look. But, believe it or not, if you are dedicated enough, just your hands, along with some simple tools, can yield similar results. This is an all-natural, ancient Chinese approach to skincare. Are you ready to dive in? 🌟 Scroll down for a quick video guide.

💫 Why You Should Try Facial Massage: The Benefits

1. Reduces Puffiness and Fluid Buildup

2. Smooths Out Fine Lines and Wrinkles

3. Firms and Lifts Over Time

4. Boosts Blood Circulation for a Natural Glow

5. Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Production

6. Relaxes Facial and Jaw Tension

7. Elevates Skin Quality and Health

💫 Get to Know the Tool: Gua Sha Stone

Before we start, let’s get acquainted with the tool we are working with — Gua Sha Stone. This is an ancient Chinese tool used to improve circulation by scraping against the skin! Recognized as a legitimate healing method in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it helps stimulate surface lymphatic and microvascular circulation. Although initially intended for medical use, aiding the body in releasing toxins and relieving muscle tension and lymphatic drainage, Gua Sha has found a new, beloved role in the world of beauty and skincare, reducing puffiness, smoothing out wrinkles, and providing a lifted appearance to the skin.

Gua Sha Stones come in various shapes, each designed to hug every curve of your face. You’ll find them made from different materials too — from jade, and ceramics to stainless steel and even buffalo horn! In case you’re wondering, mine is made of quartz, and I got it at DM Drogerie for only 7.95€ (link). It really doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. 😉

If you’re not looking to make a purchase, that’s OKAY. 😌 Your hands (knuckles, to be precise) can create a similar massage effect. Although you may not reach as deep into the facial muscles and fascia as you can with a specialized tool, it’s still a great start!

💫 Step-by-Step Guide (Follow Along with the Video!):

  1. Clean Your Face: Start by washing away any grime or makeup from your face.
  2. Hydrate Your Skin: Use toner, serum, and moisturizer to ensure your skin is well-hydrated.
  3. Prepare Your Tools: Make sure your hands and the Gua Sha stone are clean.
  4. Chin/Jawline: Begin at the chin and jawline, making firm upward strokes. This helps define your jawline.
  5. Cheeks: Move to your cheekbones, applying the same firm strokes from the mouth up to your ears. This can help lift the cheeks and release tension!
  6. Nasolabial Area: Gently massage the acupressure points on the sides of your nose, then smoothly glide across the hollows of your cheeks. This can relieve some tension in your facial muscles.
  7. Under-Eye Area: Carefully massage under the inner corners of your eyes, an acupressure point for sinus relief. Lightly glide sideways, smoothing out any small bumps.
  8. Forehead: Stroke upwards from the brow bone to your hairline, helping to smooth out wrinkles. Glide the tool to the sides to finish.

Remember: Use slow, gentle strokes! Hard pressure doesn’t necessarily equal effectiveness. In fact, too much pressure could lead to light bruising, which should resolve in a few days.

From ancient medicinal tools to your own hands, we’ve explored some simple yet effective facial massage techniques to keep your face looking and feeling its best. So, what do you think? Will you give it a try? Share your experiences or any tips you might have below in the comments! I look forward to reading them.💖 Join me next time again to uncover more beauty tips from Asia!

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💬 Hey! Just a quick heads up: the content provided in this blog post is based on my personal journey with facial massage and the knowledge I’ve gathered! Everyone’s skin is different, so if you are thinking about changing up your skincare routine or want to try something new, please chat with a qualified professional! What I’m sharing is not intended as medical advice.


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    Thank you for your video, Jenny. Actually, I was thinking of buying Gua Sha stone. Now I know how to use it.

    1. Thanks Olga! 🙂 Glad you found my post helpful, and even gladder that you’re considering trying out Gua Sha! Hope you enjoy it 🌟

  2. 🌺 Elevate your skincare routine with a revitalizing facial massage using simple tools like Gua Sha Stone or your own hands. This ancient Chinese approach brings a natural glow, reduces puffiness, and promotes skin firmness. Explore the benefits, grab a Gua Sha Stone (or use your knuckles), and follow the step-by-step guide in the video for a rejuvenating experience. Your skin will thank you!Denizli Avukatları; Denizli Avukat; Denizli En iyi Avukat💆🏻‍♀️✨ #SkincareMagic #FacialMassage #GlowingSkin

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