Autumn Skin Struggles? Asian Skincare Secrets & Innovations to your Rescue!

Autumn leaves, pumpkin spice, Halloween, but also… chapped lips and flaky skin? ? As the European air gets noticeably colder, not only do our electricity bills go through a tough transition, but so does our skin! In my opinion, dry patches, redness, and unexpected breakouts are much scarier than any Halloween decor.  But guess what: from centuries-old wisdom to the latest innovative beauty gadgets and tech, Asia’s skincare has got you covered. Why limit your beauty game to just one continent? So, let’s explore some Eastern secrets to borrow and blend into our skincare routines! This autumn, cold harsh winds and dry radiator heat will not stop us from getting that ~global glow up~ ?✨

? Autumn skin struggle #1 — Compromised Skin Barrier (Think of skin barrier as a shield, maintaining hydration while fending off elements that would sabotage your skin’s health)

? Potential causes: Drop in humidity, harsh cold winds, indoor heating

? Signs to look out for: Dryness, flaking, rough patches, cracked skin

Traditional Solution: Japanese オイル美容 (Oil Beauty) ?

The oil method is a time-tested Asian beauty technique of incorporating natural oils into the skincare regimen. Start by opening your pores with a warm towel, then follow with your usual toner. Slot in a few drops of a lightweight facial oil before sealing it all in with a sheet mask, or alternatively, with your go-to moisturizer to deeply lock in the hydration. Tsubaki (Camellia) oil and Rice Bran oil have remained fan favorites for centuries, known to be rich in antioxidants and packed with vitamins and fatty acids to rescue the skin’s natural barrier function!

(The oil method is generally not recommended for oily and acne-prone skin types, or individuals with skin allergies, rosacea, or eczema.)

Modern Solution: Electroporation ⚡️?

Electroporation is a skincare treatment process that makes the skin more permeable temporarily, using electrical pulses! Doesn’t that sound neat? This pushes all the powerful nutrients and active ingredients from serums and products into deeper layers of the skin, giving your skin a much-needed drink of hydration. A moisture-boosting cocktail for your skin? Where do I sign up? ?✨

? Autumn skin struggle #2 — Sensitive Skin

? Potential causes: Drop in humidity, indoor heating, over-exfoliating, rapid temperature changes

? Signs to look out for: Redness, itching, stinging, a raw, sensitive-to-touch feeling

Traditional Solution: Centella Asiatica “Cica” ☘️

Also known as Tiger Grass, Cica has been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, to reduce skin inflammation and rev up the natural skin regeneration process! Cica as a skincare ingredient, is rich in antioxidants, gentle, and totally non-irritating. Regardless of your skin type, with cica’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it will be your best friend in soothing and calming sensitive, reddened skin, and your best “cica”ret to having good, healthy skin! Check out some Cica SPF here!

Modern Solution: Ultrasonic Cell-Regenerating Technology ?

When ultrasonic waves are applied to the skin, a micro-vibration effect is created, generating heat in the target tissue, thus stimulating the skin’s natural healing and regenerative processes. And the cool part? At the right frequencies, cellular turnover is sped up, and its anti-inflammatory effects can also potentially help reduce the redness and inflammation associated with sensitive skin! Talk about skincare tech magic! ?‍♀️?

? Autumn skin struggle #3 — Seasonal Transition Breakouts

? Potential cause: Colder temperature leads to our skin producing more oil to compensate

? Signs to look out for: Sudden increase in oil production, unexpected acne and zits pop-ups

Traditional Solution: Green Tea ?

Besides being a cozy, healthy beverage, green tea is also a beloved skincare ingredient in Asia, for its high levels of antioxidants, and its magical ability to regulate the water-oil balance of the skin, curbing excess oil production that would later clog pores and potentially cause breakouts! And if that wasn’t enough, green tea also has calming properties that soothe irritated skin, helping both your mind and your skin reach that ultimate Zen-like state ?‍♀️ Tricky seasonal breakouts? Try elevating your skincare with a refreshing green tea face wash or serum!

Modern Solution: Blue Light Acne Treatments ?

Ever heard of LED light therapy? Well, blue light is actually clinically proven to curb acne-causing bacteria ? and calm acne inflammation! Not only does it have a sterilizing effect, it also regulates sebum production, and reduces enlarged oil glands!

(LED light therapy is generally not recommended for individuals with epilepsy or those who are sensitive to light.)

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? Hey! Just a quick heads up: the content provided in this blog post is based on my own experiences and my knowledge about Asian beauty wisdom! Everyone’s skin is different, so if you are thinking about changing up your skincare routine or want to try something new, please chat with a qualified professional! What I’m sharing is not intended as medical advice. Anyways, enjoy the cozy breezy sweater weather! Join me next time to uncover more beauty secrets from Asia! ?


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  1. Interesting read! I like how there are cheaper traditional alternatives to the modern solutions!

    1. Hi Denise! Thanks for reading:) Absolutely, it’s always good to know there are plenty of options for keeping your skin healthy and glowing ??✨

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