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Can CBD cause any side effects? (Short video)

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In my previous post I presented you the most common benefits of CBD. Today, I have summarized the side effects that CBD can cause.

Although a lot of studies have shown that it can be much safer to use CBD compared to other prescription medication, you might experience some mild side effects.
Side effects usually depend on the amount of CBD you ingest, your age, your weight, other health conditions you may have, or in combination with other medication you may be taking.

Most side effects may occur the first time you take CBD, but that doesn’t mean that you will experience them every time you ingest it.

While experiencing side effects from CBD is rare, the most commonly reported include:


This reaction is not caused by the CBD compound itself, as it has extreme gastroprotective qualities, and it wouldn’t hurt your stomach. But other ingredients that come with the CBD oil can irritate your stomach and cause diarrhea when taken in large doses.
TIP: To avoid this side effect, you might want to choose a tummy-friendly CBD oil, that uses emu oil or olive oil as the carrier.

Dry Mouth

CBD oil can be derived from either marijuana or hemp. The cannabinoids that are present in any cannabis plant, which are also present in any CBD product, can cause suppression of saliva production.
TIP: Taking water or any fluid before and after ingesting it, will also help in preventing dehydration.


Using CBD oil can have very different effects, as it depends on your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, gender, and how much CBD you have ingested. When it is taken in smaller doses, it can provide an excellent stimulating effect, improve your focus and concentration, as well as elevate your mood.
However, when it is taken in large doses, especially if you are still new in taking this, it might cause some downside, like tiredness and dizziness.

Low Blood Pressure

Taking CBD oil in higher doses can cause to lower the blood pressure levels, which can have symptoms like dizziness. It can be problematic for people who are already diagnosed with low blood pressure, or for them who are on medication to lower their blood pressure.


Who should avoid CBD?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Researchers tend to avoid using pregnant and breastfeeding women in clinical research, in order to avoid adverse outcomes that could harm the mother or their baby. As there is a lack of conclusive data on the effects of CBD among this demographic, professionals do not provide recommendations regarding CBD use.


While medical CBD and Epidiolex clinical trials are approved to treat severe forms of pediatric epilepsy in two-year old children and older, the safety of CBD in children has not been widely tested, especially due to the differences in dosing needs.
It is highly recommended to always speak with your pediatrician before starting a CBD treatment with your child.

People who are taking other medication

Side effects occur most commonly among people who are taking other prescription medication. CBD has been shown to increase the hepatic concentration of some medicines and affect the way your liver metabolizes drugs, which could lead to liver damage.
People with liver disease may need to use lower doses of cannabidiol compared to healthy patients.

If you are taking any medications, it’s important to speak to your doctor before start using CBD products.
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I would like to clarify that everything written in this post is pure data collection from the sources above and it is not my personal opinion. My only aim is to raise awareness on the topic.
* The video is not made to give you any health advise. Always ask your doctor before start using CBD products.

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  4. It’s good to keep note of the side effects we can face when ingesting CBD. Staying informed about what we put in our body is so important, thank you Vasia!

    1. Although side effects seem to be mild and very rare, it is always good to be aware of them. It is important to follow doctor’s advice, especially when it comes to dosage, as it seems to be the most common reason for some of the side effetcs. Thank you for your comment Srishti!

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