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After my previous post about the different CBD products, it is time to learn about CBD oil from the perspective of a user.

Read the following interview to find out more about it!
* this interview is anonymous for confidential reasons, after the interviewee’s request.

How did you learn about CBD oil?
My doctor told me about it.

Had you heard about it before?
Yes, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t dare to take it on my own, because I am a bit scared in this matter. When my doctor told me that it is beneficial and safe, I bought it. I take it whenever the problems are piling up, for example I have some family problems, I have to work and also take care of the children and the house. So, when I am very tired from all these and I feel that I am not myself anymore and I cannot handle situations, I take some drops of the CBD oil. My doctor told me that this is a natural product and it is not as if she was giving me chemical pills.

How long have you been using the oil?
I use it since March, but I don’t use it every day anymore. At the beginning I used it once a day, but I reduced it over time. I don’t want to ingest it every day, because I decided for myself, that I want to tackle some of the family problems by myself and without help. I can say that it helps me stay calm and have clear thoughts, but I also want to see how I can handle situations without using it.

Have you noticed any difference when you use the oil and when not?
Basically, I sleep deeper when I use it. In general, it helps in several situations like sleeping better or stay calm and don’t shout to the kids when they irritate you.

When you use the oil, is it one or multiple times during the day?
I take it when I leave my work and I am going to my kids back home, because I don’t want to be the irritated mom for example. As my work still makes me feel good and my problems are at home, my doctor suggested to ingest it after work.

Has she given you specific dosage, i.e., how many drops to ingest, or do you regulate the amount?
She told me to start with 5 drops and if I don’t feel anything within 5 minutes, I can take 5 drops more. I have concluded that it has a result when I ingest it, it helps me directly. According to my weight, the doctor told me that I will need gradually to ingest up to 20 drops and indeed this is how many drops I take now.

You told me before, that when you ingest it you see immediately the results, right?
Yes, exactly! To give you an example, a friend of mine didn’t believe me, I gave her some drops to try in front of me, and she admitted surprised “indeed I feel the difference!”.

Would you suggest it to other people?
Yes, I would, but what someone should know first, is that there are CBD oils with a concentration of 0,5%, 5% and 10%. Mine contains 5% CBD.

And do you know how much THC it contains?
Yes, it is written on the bottle. It has less than 0,2% Dronabinol (THC)

Have you noticed any side effects? For example, I have read that it can cause dry mouth or nausea.
No, absolutely nothing like that. I only have some pimples, but I think this is from the mask that I have to wear for so many hours, not from the oil.

Has your doctor told you that this oil can be used to cure a problem permanently, or does it help you for some time and then its effect is over?
She hasn’t talked to me about it, but I believe that it is not for permanent cure, because I see that after a few hours the effect is over.

Now that you did the start with a CBD product, would you go to a store and buy another one by yourself?
Yes, if it was anything related to cosmetics, I would buy it. I have already bought a CBD product for facecare, but I haven’t used it yet.

Do you have anything else to add?
Not really, I just want to say, that I was hesitating to use it at the beginning, because I had the misconception like many people that it is a drug. But I read a lot about it and I also trusted my doctor, because she told me that it is a natural product, it is non intoxicating and that it is better than taking chemical pills. But I still use it very carefully because it is very new to me.

Thank you very much for reading this interview! Stay tuned for my next article, more information about CBD is coming!

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This interview was conducted for informative purposes only, and does not substitute doctor’s advice.

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