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Is Pea Protein Good For You?

If you are a vegetarian, a vegan or a person who wants to reduce meat consumption or do some sport, you probably keep track of your protein intake.

There are many different types of plant proteins that you can get from various foods. There are wheat, rice, soy, pea proteins, and more. Sometimes it might be unclear which one to choose.

One type of protein that is becoming popular these days is pea protein. It is a relatively new type of plant protein that is gaining popularity in the worldwide food business due to its ease of availability, nutritional content, and health benefits. You can find it in protein bars, meat alternatives, for example, produced by Planted, and other foods. Pea protein is distinguished from soybean or other plant proteins by its excellent digestion, more inadequate allergic responses, and lack of major health implications.

Nutritional benefits of pea protein. The infographic shows the four main benefits of pea protein. The first is a high-quality protein containing all essential amino acids. Second, pea protein is a sport supplement because it promotes muscle thickness. Third, pea protein is free from common allergens. Forth, pea protein has a lower carbon footprint compared to animal proteins.

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Planted, which revolutionized the plant-based industry, mainly uses the protein of the yellow pea – pisum sativum – which contributes to a healthy diet due to its complete amino acid profile. Their product line includes various meat-free options, such as planted chicken, planted pulled, schnitzel, kebab and the latest planted bratwurst. These products are made using natural ingredients such as pea protein, rapeseed oil, and are free from soy, gluten, and artificial flavours. Planted’s innovative approach to food technology has made them a popular choice for consumers who are looking for delicious and healthy alternatives to meat. Planted product line includes various meat-free options, such as planted chicken, planted pulled, planted schnitzel, planted kebab and planted bratwurst.

Have you ever tried Planted? If not, what product would you like to try?

Feel free to share your experience 😊

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