Cold Brew Coffee – We Love You and We Want You To Mingle

The days are getting longer and I am already feeling the summer days are coming closer. And there is nothing better than an ice-cold beverage in a hot summer day. I discovered so many different nice recipes for coffee drinks: Coffee cocktails without alcohol ,Cocktails with alcohol  and much more. But what I haven’t found is something quick and easy. 

And if you want to try something else than ice coffee, there is an alternative: Cold brew!

And we tried out different mix of cold brew coffee and sodas.

2 Beverages mixed – it can’t get easier!


We have some winners!

My favorite?

Cold brew, Cranberry juice, Balcony – you are my dream team. Can’t wait. 


What is Cold Brew Again?

Cold brew experiences a new boost! You are wondering what is it actually?

Here some key characteristic’s: 

  • cold beverage
  • coarsely ground coffee, which dissolved in room temperature water
  • can be brewed until 24 hours (the tested one was brewed for 10h)
  • It’s not the same as cold drip – cold brew is in comparison rather mild
  • contains more caffeine than hot brewed coffee (per 100ml between espresso and Filter coffee – see table here)


  • aromas can in aroma differ to the hot brew method – there can’t be an undesired bitter taste (because of the mild preparation)
  • It is less sour

Where do I get it? 

Make it yourself – with the recipe from deathwishcoffee. BUT you need some time and planning.
Some retailers in Switzerland have started to sell cold brew, I guess if it’s not the case yet it will also come soon in your country.
If you are lucky – you have a hipster place around the corner which sells you cold brew in a coffeeshop.



Summer – you may come. I am ready. 



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