Size Matters! Knowing Which Coffee Gives You the Extra Boost You Deserve

Ever wondered, which coffee you should drink for another extra boost and which one you should rather drink in the evening? You tried to check it out in the internet but you could just find overloaded tables? Yeah happened to me too. So here are the three criteria to channel your daily caffeine dose: size, preparation (kind of coffee) and type of bean in a quick visual overview!

So let’s have a look on the factors size and kind of coffee (and let’s pretend there is nothing else to consider):

Visual Comparison of Caffeine

There are so many different tables out there, with different information. But what always checks more or less out are the comparisons – if you want to crunch numbers, here are the chosen tables from coffeeness and healthline.

What Do We See?

  • Decaf is not without caffeine – shocking! However, it is a fairly slow amount.
  • Espresso has a lot of caffeine – but since you are drinking low amounts (25 ml) it is per portion just after decaf.
  • Instant and filtercoffee (150ml) are showing – Size matters!

You are a Cappuccino Lover? So it is the same amount of caffeine from an espresso, since milk doesn’t have any caffeine.

You go beyond espresso and cappuccino?
So for all the brewers- just one tip, the longer the water is in contact with the coffee, the more caffeine you get. So cold brew has way more caffeine than a Moca Bialetti. Or in a French Press, the longer you leave it, the more caffeine you get. But watch out – the taste changes as well.

My Conclusion

so my conclusion, especially for caffeine sensitive people is this caffeineclock:


Filter coffee gives you the energy boost you deserve in the morning. Espresso after lunch keeps you awake but won’t bother you in the night (since caffeine needs in total 12 hours to leave the system). Decaf Coffee for those in the evening, who love coffee but have troubles with the caffeine.

Maybe you realized – the coffee clock is without the Instant coffee? There are several reason why I would advise you to offer just your enemies Instant coffee. But the most important reason is:  often only the low quality coffee achieves to be part of it. If you find a decent one – let me know, I can learn 😉

That kind be all… right?

No it’s not. But the one thing next to preparation, which can matter to you is the type of bean.

Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica.

So next time you want to control your caffeine dose and not being controlled by the caffeine? Keep in mind: Size, preparation and type of bean!


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