Eavesdropping – Together, we Might Increase the Availability of Quality Coffee

Today you have the possibility to eavesdrop a casual conversation of three coffee lovers – and what impressive ones!

We are talking about:

  • enjoyment of good coffee
  • trying out and experience different kind of coffees
  • how a business decision can affect coffee
  • and how YOU can make a change to improve the overall quality in coffee shops!


At this point it is important to highlight again that it is all about concept: If a coffee shop or a restaurant just want to provide caffeine in the morning or after a heavy meal (read here more about caffeine in my other blogpost), fair enough! And of course there are different tastes of coffee and not everybody likes the same.


I have a Vision:

1. Next time you are really not enjoying your coffee, because it is bad quality:
let’s give a well meant feedback! (let’s try it with a smile) 😉
2. The restaurant or the coffee shop actually realizes that  good coffee is appreciated
3. Considers to increase the quality (school the staff, buys quality coffee,
is willing to pay a higher price because of the returning coffee lovers)
4. Coffee roasters and coffee farmers might benefit from your decision
to give feedback and have incentives to increase or maintain their quality!

So with your input, we might increase the quality of coffee in Lucerne, even in Switzerland and lets dream big – even the world 🙂

……And a big HURRAY for all the coffee shops and restaurants which are already doing an excellent job. Thank you for providing good coffee for all of us coffee lovers!

With Whom Do we Have the Pleasure? 

Cornelius Heggli – A person who has achieved to follow his passion without any restrictions

We have famous guest- even zentralplus or Radio3Fach (a local newspaper and radio from the central of switzerland) have reported about him!
He is following his coffee passion in his kaffeelaboratorium (Instagram, FB). A laboratory where he can taste, experiment and enjoy different coffees with a various preparation methods! And a quote, which I find highly admirable and also pretty much sums up his project:


“I don’t care about the business, I care about coffee”.



Gabriela Felder – born in Guatamala and already got in touch with coffee since childhood

She is not only interested in explore new ways and eager to improve situation with her escape room but also with coffee.
A true coffee friend – a person with whom you always can enjoy a cup together.





…. and of course me Sabrina Helbling – who hopes that you enjoyed my blog and who is very curious about what you think! Share your thoughts in the comment below: Do you have a similar vision or do you disagree?


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3 thoughts on “Eavesdropping – Together, we Might Increase the Availability of Quality Coffee

    1. I totally get that – it’s akward to complain. But rather give a nice feedback than never return to this coffeeshop – so in my perspective in the end you do something good for the coffeeshop! I hope you dare 🙂

  1. I am happy that things are looking up for having great coffee in Lucerne!! 🙌I am always looking for new places with good coffee. That also accept feedback😉

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