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0 how much digitalization is so personalization

In the last blog, there was a sentence was about “wifi” as “the wifi technology allowed personalization boundlessly.” Just for a few seconds try to imagine when we connect to the internet with cable line even for a mobile phone. Probably there is no addiction to mobile phones as a concept at today. If you

3 Bombing. With yarn.

Yarn bombing for me is very exciting. And apparently for some of you guys as well. So, I decided to talk about it a bit more and introduce some yarn bombers/artists. Although they are not all artists by trade, their approach to knitting and crochet makes my heart skip a bit. Magda Sayeg I was

0 Top 5 applications for mobile editing

At the moment, there’re tones of applications on AppStore/GooglePlay which can help you to edit pictures. However, there’re just several apps which won’t damage the quality of your lovely picture. Myself, on a daily base I use about 15 applications. There’s something for adding text, some apps for lighting, some of them for filters, etc.

8 Make knitting cool again.

I think knitting is cool. Obviously! I never thought that it was uncool, to be honest, and I don’t see it as something fashionable either. I think it has always been contemporary, present and current in every era. But what about what we think -or better-, what  do YOU think of knitting? I said it

6 The Evolution of the Goalie Mask

Every year in the National Hockey League’s All-Star game the hardest shot of the league is measured. The current record stands at 108.8mph (175km/h) by Zdeno Chara. Now imagine you have to stand in front of this shot – without a helmet.

0 The “Full-Stack” Creator

The world of technology is constantly being updated. New programs and updates emerge every single day, that you sometimes think you just can’t keep up. One of the biggest challenges in this online world is to determine in which angle you want to position yourself in. If you are like me, then there has been

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