My Vegan Journey: Building Up Pressure

Revealing My Vegan Journey to Friends ?

When the professor announced in our lecture at the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne that we had to write a blog about anything, I knew from the get-go that it was my chance to finally give the plant-based diet a shot. Committing to this project, especially by telling my friends and roommates, added an extra layer of pressure. I mean, I couldn’t fail myself and my friends, could I? I made sure everybody knew about it, and now it feels like they’re keeping tabs on every move I make – from peeking into my fridge to scrutinizing my late-night snack choices (spoiler alert: it’s often McDonald’s fries with ketchup).

I’ll admit, I was the weak link in our plant-based household. There always seemed to be a bag of parmesan cheese or a few eggs lurking in the fridge for baking emergencies. But in general, there’s a fantastic substitute for almost everything. The one that still surprises me the most is oat cream – who knew you could achieve such rich flavors in sauces without dairy cream, just with herbs and a sprinkle of love?

One evening after class, I sat on the balcony with my best friend, enjoying the beautiful spring weather and a cold beer. As we chatted about our day, I mentioned the blog project for university and dropped the bombshell – I’ll be living on a plant-based diet until the end of the semester in June (well, at least!). Her eyes widened, and she broke into a big grin. She couldn’t believe that after years of trying to convince me, it wasn’t her persuasion but a “silly” school project that finally did the trick. Even though she played a big role in shaping my decision with all her environmental arguments, I just couldn’t give her the satisfaction.

That evening, I embarked on a culinary mission to clear out  our fridge of all the leftover eggs, parmesan, butter, and other non-vegan goodies, along with the surplus of cookies and snacks scattered throughout our kitchen (there were far more than I had anticipated). With the fridge now cleared, I was prepared to kickstart my newfound plant-based lifestyle. As I crawled into bed, a mix of euphoria and apprehension washed over me, contemplating what breakfast would look like the following day. ?

Stay tuned for a delectable creation: a vegan twist on salmon! Yes, you read that right – a plant-based alternative that captures the essence of the beloved seafood favorite. Join me on this culinary adventure as we explore innovative ways to recreate old favorites in a compassionate and sustainable manner. Get your taste buds ready and discover the delicious possibilities of vegan cuisine. Stay tuned for the recipe coming soon!

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