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Food produced but not consumed leads to unnecessary CO2/emissions, biodiversity loss, and water and land consumption. Did you know that the food system accounts for about 28 % of Switzerland’s food footprint?

Many products are wasted because they are not considered culturally edible, not because they are. For example, some foods still have 3 to 6 months to the best-before date, are close to the expiry date, have packaging defects or an old design and are thrown away.

What is Secend?

Secend is an online shop that rescues food and cosmetics selling them at super discounts. So, you can save money and the world with a few clicks.

Their online shop is very user-friendly and easy to use. I found it convenient that all their content is in German and English. The food catalogue varies; they have everything: sweets, chocolates, soft drinks, superfoods, vegan food, canned food, and more. I was surprised that I found products from speciality shops like Asian and Latin to my delight. All the products are discounted!!! Just getting on the website to check the catalogue was very entertaining, by looking at the prices I just wanted to buy. Imagine you can purchase organic vegan chocolates with a 66% discount in Switzerland!!

My experience with Secend

I checked the products, and each one specifies why it is being rescued, by its expiry date, whether it is a seasonal product, whether its packaging is outdated, etc. So, I selected the ones that in my opinion had a good value, some of the articles I have already known and the rest I want to try for the first time.

Depending on the value of your purchase, the delivery may be charged, from 70 CHF delivery is free; if it is less than 70CHF, the shipping is 6.90 CHF, and if it is up to 30 CHF, the price is 6.90CHF plus a small quantity surcharge of 6 CHF. Regarding payment, they offer several options: Twint, Paypal or PostFinance. In addition, they claim that the orders arrive in 1-3 working days, and in my case, it was like that; I ordered on a Tuesday afternoon and Friday at noon, and I received my order. Here is what I ordered:

Food shopping from Secend

I liked shopping at Secend because it’s a sustainable way to buy food, the products are in perfect condition, and I saved money by choosing what I wanted – I point this out because I’ve talked about other platforms where you fight waste, but you don’t get to choose what you get.

What are you waiting for to buy and help the planet?

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I come from Ecuador 返 I have always been interested in foodstuff and have loved it since I can remember. While I came to Switzerland as a postgraduate student, I noticed new ways of sustainable food shopping. So, I'm jumping into the fray to share my discoveries and new experiences. If you want to find out about game-changing food shopping, you are in the right place!

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5 thoughts on “Buying food in

  1. Hi Danny, I want to thank you, because you give us ways to buy better and cheaper too, haha.
    I will definitely buy some chocolate with discount!

    1. Hi Adri,
      No… thanks to you for reading me and taking the time to comment
      They have chocolates and much more!

  2. I completely agree with this logical commercial proposal that we already implement in our homes with products that expire without realizing it.
    Humanity needs to abandon selfish habits of waste to survive together with the Earth. Well done!

    1. Hi Freddy
      Thank you for your comment!
      If we don’t do something, where will we end up?? better saved than wasted!

    2. Hi Danny the article is very interesting to me as a consumer. It will be fantastic if we all get aware of the savings and stop wasting our daily products.

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