Sweet sweet memories at FemUnity…

Hey you, welcome back to my blog for another “informal info session” about FemUnity. In the first article, I presented you the starting point and how far we’ve gotten in the meantime. But you might now ask yourself, “Alright, cool project but what has been done so far? What are the next plans?”  

Let me tell you that, honestly, we were completely frustrated at times when COVID hit – and when I say hit, it literally hit us all like a slap in the face. We got blocked by the fluctuating regulations since the beginning of our journey and faced several difficulties, especially in terms of managing and organising the face-to-face meetings. Before I start blabbering, a special shoutout to Malaika (you’ll probably see her soon in the next articles) who is/has been giving her soul for content creation…


For our first F2F meeting in 2020, we had to be reactive and ready to organise something inviting yet very simple. After everyone came back from summer holidays, we profited from the easing of COVID regulations to organise a picnic as it was still very warm outside. It was the perfect setting and framework for having a cosy get-together…see below!

PS: Nimet is part of the founding team but left the management in winter 2021.

Two months later, as we still had the possibility of gathering around a table, we organised a dinner @ Sichtwerk near Lörrach. As seen on the picture above, we had asked the participants to write down a topic of their interest on post-its which were then collected in a glas, the Monica. We then used them to engage conversations during the dinner and topics like racism, relationships, education, equality/inequality arose.

… unfortunately our joy didn’t last very long as COVID regulations had again emerged. In the video below you get to see some of the things that we tried to pull off on our Instagram page during lockdown, when probably most of us became a 5-star chef at home. We had fun in our own way though… e.g. with our Jukebox or Would You Rather? type of games 🕺 Man Dancing Emoji on Apple iOS 10.3



In the next articles, we will tackle rather general topics that do not particularly relate to FemUnity yet still to women, naturally – ain’t sayin’ more, you’ll have to wait.

Since the whole point is to exchange, I’d be very curious to see which women-related topic YOU find most interesting. Share your ideas in the comments below and maybe we can talk about it next time!



Tugce Han Beyli

Ever wanted to participate in events where you can freely share your thoughts, exchange, and build a network with your female peers? Then you'd be warmly welcome to follow what we do at FemUnity! Standing for Female & Community, FemUnity aims at gathering women and offering them a space for networking, discussing and supporting each other. Follow my posts to know more about us and what we do... - Tugce (Co-Founder) @ FemUnity - Lörrach & Basel (2019 - Present)

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  1. Thank you Marine for being a loyal reader 🙂 You can follow what we do on our Instagram page @fem.unity and stay up to date on the events that we organise. If you have any suggestions or ideas, we’d be glad to receive your feedback per DM! 😀

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