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0 Nachhaltigkeit und soziales Engagement der Firma Wärchbrogg | Interview mit Stefan Huber

In meinem letzten Beitrag habe ich dir einen kleinen Einblick in den Marktladen Quai 4 der Firma Wärchbrogg gewährt und dir vor allem die Abfüllstation gezeigt. Das soziale Unternehmen überzeugt aber nicht nur durch die nachhaltige Bewirtschaftung, sondern zeigt euch grosses Engagement in Bezug auf die gesellschaftliche Integration von psychisch beeinträchtigten Personen. Im spannenden Interview

2 Sweet sweet memories at FemUnity…

Hey you, welcome back to my blog for another “informal info session” about FemUnity. In the first article, I presented you the starting point and how far we’ve gotten in the meantime. But you might now ask yourself, “Alright, cool project but what has been done so far? What are the next plans?”   Let me

3 Krank im Kopf Teil 2

2020 kommt es zur grössten weltweiten Krise seit des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Ein kleines Virus legt praktisch das ganze System nieder. Bilder von leeren Strassen, verlassenen Flughäfen und leeren Einkaufsregalen gehen um die Welt. Die einen kämpfen um Leben, die anderen verzweifeln. Die Psychische Belastung ist hoch, zu hoch?

2 How Hoteliers Turn Crisis Into Opportunity

Hello dear readers, we are slowly getting closer to the end of the blogpost series about the hospitality industry. In today’s post, you will learn about the ways how hospitality and tourism-related companies deal with the current challenging situation with success. One of the biggest changes in the travel business model, to which most hotels

6 Coffee addict or snacker? – Nutrition in Homeoffice

In the last blog Nutritionist Manuela Best provides an overview of the physical and nutritional aspects you should pay attention to and how to integrate them into your daily routine. The cabinet of sweets close by or treats right next to the workstation. What tips does she have for you if you are a snacker…

6 Nutrition in Homeoffice – Inputs from an Expert

As promised in the last blog post, we move on from mental health and focus on physical health in this article. This week’s first post is about nutrition in home office. Nutritionist Manuela Best gives us an overview of the physical and nutritional aspects you should pay attention to in your home office and how…

14 10 Gadgets for the Homeoffice: some indispensable some nice-to-have

You have already seen the advantages and disadvantages of working from home in the previous blog post. However, in order to work efficiently, remain in good health, and have a comfortable environment, some equipment is needed. And that’s exactly what we’re focusing on in this blog post: five essential items and five extra convenient features…

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