Startups are betting on SUSTAINABILITY

Startups are betting on SUSTAINABILITY

Environmental care and protection have become an opportunity for entrepreneurs. This market niche is growing fast, as well as the interest of many startups to create products or services that are focused on consumers and planet needs. The implementation of new formulas and ideas that contribute with the care of the environment and people’s health has become a real challenge for existing companies and an invitation for the new ones.

Concepts such as organic agriculture, sustainable fashion, plastic-free, cruelty-free, among others, may sound familiar to you and that is because, it is a matter which is beginning to become relevant, especially regarding consumerism. Therefore, personal care products such as soaps, toothpaste, shampoos, etc. made from natural ingredients and with packaging made from recyclable materials are revolutionizing the market and are increasingly in demand.


KIYO, a Startup that has recently embarked on this journey, is a brand-oriented to change the way we clean our teeth every day by giving a new design to oral care products based on natural and healthy ingredients, fully transparent and completely free of plastic. Moreover, KIYO does not only intend to differentiate itself by the product it will offer to the market but, this brand is also based on three fundamental pillars for its development.

  1. Transparency: this brand will provide as much information as possible about its products, operations, supplies, and processes.
  2. Sustainability: To offer a different product made from natural ingredients and with a recyclable packaging since they notice the great amount of plastic that one can find in their bathrooms.
  3. Health: there is a lack of knowledge, about what kind of ingredients are contained in some of the products that are used for oral care and people do not realize how harmful it can be to their health.

KIYO is a Japanese name and means „pure“.And this purity is reflecting in their products, the KIYO brand combines Japanese simplicity and design with Swiss quality; founded by Nando Nichele together with his co-founder Jeffrey, at the end of 2019.

here you can have more information about KIYO —>


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