6 Digital Marketing Trends….You need to know


Marketing is in permanent innovation, the trends that exist to meet consumers’ demands are huge. In this blog, I will mention 6 digital marketing trends that we cannot ignore.

1. Artificial Intelligence

 AI is changing the way we perceive opportunities in the digital world. According to a recent Business Insider report, 50% of marketers currently use some form of AI in their strategy, while another 27% intend to incorporate the technology soon.

Amazon, one of the biggest brands in the industry and one of the most innovative has been using AI to show only relevant products to buyers, based on previous purchases and searches, and having as a final purpose to increase the probability that a user will make a purchase or return soon to visit the website.

Marketing tools that use Artificial Intelligence make it possible to take advantage of large amounts from available data in order to discover ideas and patterns that would otherwise be impossible to identify or would take a long time to process.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are definitely going to continue being an important part of digital marketing in the following years. This technology uses instant messaging to chat in real-time, at any hour with customers or site visitors.

Why are they useful?

  • 63% of consumers prefer messaging an on-line chatbot in order to communicate with the company.
  • They drive 85% of customer service.
  • They provide 24/7 service, answer simple questions, and give instant feedback.

These brands successfully use the chatbot: HP, Lidl, KLM, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

3. Conversational Marketing

When consumers have a question about the product or service that they purchased, they just want an immediate response from the company.

Conversational marketing provides a real 1-1 conversation between sellers and customers and has the main purpose of improving the consumer’s experience, to encourage more engagement and loyalty.


4. Video Marketing

The text-based content can no longer compete with the power of videos, especially when it comes to selling a product or service online. But you should know that in order to have an impact, a promotional video should ideally be between 10 and 30 seconds long.

Today we spend a lot of time with our devices watching all kinds of videos, we also learn more about some brands and what they have to offer.

A powerful method of digital marketing that attracts large audiences is live streaming, and this is what companies are combining with their strategies, especially when it is linked to an influencer like a celebrity, athlete, or musician since they have millions of followers.

5. Visual Search

This is a totally new experience where people can upload an image to conduct a search and get more specific results.

  • Pinterest: Pinterest’s Lens now recognizes more than 5 million items, has inspired over 600 million searches on Pinterest’s mobile apps and browser extensions, and has seen a 140% uptick from launch day.
  • Google Lens: It Recognizes objects and landmarks through a camera app. Here’s what you can do when you take a photo of the following items:
  1. Barcodes:Use a barcode to find info about a product, like where to buy it.
  2. Business card:Save the phone number or address to a contact.
  3. Book:Get a summary and read reviews.
  4. Landmark or building: See historical facts, hours of operation, and more.
  5. Painting in a museum: Read about the artist and learn more.
  6. Plant or animal:Learn about species and breeds.
  • CamFind: is another visual search mobile app where you can directly search via images to find similar images, local shopping results, and price comparisons.

6. Personalization

Personalization uses consumer data, it shows individualized offers, product suggestions, and other content based on the previous purchase, demographics, or any other personal data.

There are multiple ways to personalize the content, and some are more obvious than other Technological advances and the way data is collected and analyzed makes personalization more sophisticated and ingrained.

Today, more and more brands start personalizing their content, and sometimes consumers are not even aware of why certain items are displayed to them. This improves the user experience, as the users tend to spend less time browsing and thus make purchases more spontaneously.

Karen Paz

Master student in Online Business and Marketing, I think that marketing makes you experience a thousand different things and is like a tale book. It always has a better story than the previous one.

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One thought on “6 Digital Marketing Trends….You need to know

  1. Hello Karen,
    Very interesting article!
    I actually got to see a live conference of a Pinterest representative about the introduction of the image search on the platform and it was so interesting. It’s really an opportunity for companies selling products, especially in certain industries like interior design for example. If you find a furniture you like somewhere you just have to take a photo of it and you can find similar products and then get to the dedicated product page to buy it. Such a modern way of marketing a product!

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