How to Network as a Female [Infographic]

Do you know that women network lesser than men? What’s surprising is not only do women need to network, we need to network differently than men. Download the free infographic PDF on How to Network as a Female

Expand and build your network now! Here is a list of female networking associations that you can join/ sign up in Switzerland:

  • PWN Zug & Zurich – provide mentoring programme, networking and professional learning opportunities for women

  • LEAN IN Switzerland – a community that helps women achieve their ambitions and goals

  • WINCONFERENCE – for learning and networking. They also hold the Annual Corporate Forum on women’s leadership, inclusion and innovation

  • Women’s Circle – network for women from all walks of life, for professionals as well as housewives.

  • Women’s Way– they organise many events and partner up with other female summits and organisations

Let me know which network you have signed up!


Statistics & Information Obtained From: Harvard University, Forbes, Washington Post, KellogInsight

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4 thoughts on “How to Network as a Female [Infographic]

  1. Great recommendations, will definitely check these out once I am back to normal life! Thank you for sharing Mei

    1. Thank you! While the networking platforms have shifted virtual during this period, it would be nice to be able to connect in person soon 🙂

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