Author Mei Qi

Deep diving from events marketing to digtal marketing, I am currently a Masters student in Online Business and Marketing at HSLU. On usual days, you may find me sipping coffee at a cafe or jetting off to another country to explore the world.

4 How to Network as a Female [Infographic]

Do you know that women network lesser than men? What’s surprising is not only do women need to network, we need to network differently than men. Download the free infographic PDF on How to Network as a Female Expand and build your network now! Here is a list of female networking associations that you can

4 How to freelance the right way- Dominica Worthington

In a digital age today, anyone can be a freelancer but is there a formula of doing it right? I spoke to Dominica, who is a young female hustler with multiple career identities in the fashion industry. She is a mother of two, award-winning creative director, photographer and diplm stylist, event organiser, a professional model

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