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5 Must-Have Plants Every Monstera Deliciosa Lover Will Adore

Are you a fan of the bold and beautiful Monstera Deliciosa? If you are eager to add more eye-catching plants to your indoor collection, look no further. This blog post highlights five amazing plants that Monstera Deliciosa enthusiasts will absolutely love. Each plant offers its own unique beauty and tropical charm, making them perfect additions to any home garden. Read on to discover these must-have plants that are sure to captivate any Monstera lover!

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Let’s explore what makes these 5 plants different from the Monstera Deliciosa and why you might love them just as much. We will also delve into how easy these plants are to care for, helping you decide which ones are right for your home.

If you appreciate large plants: Strelitzia

Woman standing behind a Strelitzia touching a big leaf.I adore the impressive size of my Monstera Deliciosas, and that’s exactly why I also love the Strelitzia. It adds a bold, tropical feel to my space with its tall and strong shape. The Strelitzia’s big leaves and overall size are just as impressive as the Monstera, making it a standout plant that brings a lively, eye-catching look to any room. The Strelitzia’s large size and full leaves are perfect for filling empty spaces or adding a bold touch to small apartments. I absolutely adore my large Strelitzia, and it is clearly thriving as it keeps producing new leaves. However, these leaves are not standing upright but hanging down, so I need to figure out how to get them to stand up straight again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! ?

According to Feey, my go-to source for plant care, the Strelitzia thrives in a bright and sunny spot but should be protected from direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn. It prefers temperatures between 18 and 24°C and enjoys high humidity, making it perfect for bright bathrooms or office spaces. During spring and summer, check the soil every 5 days and water if the top 2-3 cm are dry, ensuring the soil stays moist as the plant grows. In autumn and winter, reduce watering but never let the soil completely dry out.

If you love the big leaves: The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle fig tree standing in front of white wall in woven pot.I love the big leaves of the Monstera Deliciosa, and the Fiddle Leaf Fig has similarly large leaves, making it a perfect fit for my apartment too. I also adore how tall it grows, adding a dynamic touch to my living space. While I am still figuring out the best ways to help it thrive, it brings me joy regardless.

Caring for it is quite similar to the Monstera Deliciosa. Place your Fiddle Leaf Fig near a window where it can get plenty of light, but avoid it getting too much direct lifght. Always allow the soil to dry out completely before watering the plant thoroughly, until water runs out of the drainage holes. If the leaf tips turn brown, it is a sign of overwatering. Let the soil dry out to help the plant recover. Keep the leaves clean and free of dust or water spots by gently wiping them with a damp cloth.

If easy care and propagation appeal to you: Golden Pothos

Hand holding a Devil's Ivy plant in front of white wall.

As you might have read in my previous post about Monstera Deliciosa propagation, I love propagating my Monstera Deliciosa, creating new plant babies to expand my indoor garden collection. The Golden Pothos is a fast-growing plant that can be propagated even more easily than the Monstera, especially given its smaller size. Just like the Monstera, you can propagate the Golden Pothos by placing a cutting in water and waiting for roots to develop. 

The Golden Pothos thrives best in a bright to semi-shady location, away from direct sunlight, which it dislikes. Just as the Monstera Deliciosa it is also an ideal plant for bathrooms due to its love for high humidity. For watering in spring and summer, insert your finger about 4 cm into the soil every 7 days; if the soil is dry and doesn’t stick to your finger, it is time to water the plant. During autumn and winter, the plant requires less water. Fertilize the Golden Pothos the same way you fertilize your Monstera Deliciosa. Additionally, the Golden Pothos grows quickly and even faster when its vines can cling to something. It is naturally a climbing plant, so allowing it to grow up columns or similar structures will enhance its growth.

My personal recommendation: Any other Monstera species

Monstera Adansonii in a little white pot standing on a round small table.If you love Monstera Deliciosa, exploring other types of Monstera plants can be really exciting. Each kind has its own special look that adds more charm to your home. For example, Monstera Adansonii (picture) has beautiful holey leaves that catch the eye, while Monstera Obliqua’s big, bold leaves make any room feel more alive. I love adding different Monsteras to my collection because they’re not just gorgeous; they’re also easy to take care of. They need similar care to Monstera Deliciosa, so it’s easy to keep them healthy and thriving. Adding more Monstera plants is a great way to grow your indoor garden without extra hassle.

Monstera Variegata Leaf in front of white wall.

If you are feeling adventurous and ready for a challenge, you could consider adding the Monstera Variegata to your collection – though be prepared, they are on the pricey side… The Monstera Variegata is a beautiful plant that really stands out with its white and green leaves. However, I have not bought one yet because they are more sensitive than the regular Monstera Deliciosa. They need just the right amount of light and careful watering to keep looking their best. The Variegata is more demanding, but its stunning look makes it very tempting. It is perfect for those who are up for a bit of a gardening challenge and want to add something special to their plant collection.

A friend’s recommendation: Alocasia zebrina

I love the alocasia zebrina because of its unique look: the zebra-like stems. It stands out amongst the other plants, which also excuses her behaviour, as it is a little drama queen 😉

Two people holding a Alocasia Zebrina in front of white wall.The Alocasia Zebrina needs a lot of indirect sunlight. As a tropical plant it loves high humidity. So when you are misting your monsteras, give here some attention too. As most plants do not prefer calcareous water, the Alocasia Zebrina is more sensitive towards it (it hates it). This problem is easily solved, you can fill a watering can with tap water 1 to 2 days bevor watering her, as the lime then settles on the outside walls of the watering can. Or you could just simply use rain water. Do not water it too much though, when its leaves drop it is your sign to just give it enough so that it is not sitting in wet soil.

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  1. Thank you for sharing so many useful tips on how to take care of Monstera species, dear Anja! I am considering getting The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, so it was a very useful and informative read for me.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m thrilled to hear you found the post helpful. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a fantastic choice. Good luck with your new green friend! ?

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