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1 Smart Home Tech: How to delete your Alexa recordings!

  As a continuation of my last blog “how to secure your smart home” I am going to explain 3 ways to delete your Alexa voice recordings.   As we already know, Alexa records everything you say after she hears the wake word and keeps a record of your voice transcriptions without expiration date. Since 2019, Amazon has given its users

1 Pflanzenkrankheiten und Schädlinge – wie du sie erkennst

Noch haben die Pflanzen super ausgesehen, doch plötzlich verfärben sich die Blätter oder sie verkrümmen, die Pflanzen werden schwach und der Ertrag des Gemüses vermindert sich. Es gibt unzählige Pflanzenkrankheiten und Schädlinge, welche die Freude und Leidenschaft der Hobbygärtner betrüben können. Umso wichtiger, dass man sie identifizieren und bekämpfen kann oder noch besser – mit

8 How to organize your closet like an expert – Part 2

In my previous blogpost I wrote about how to get rid of stuff which doesn’t bring value to your life. Having accomplished the first step it is now all about how to organize your valuable items to not fall back into old habits. Below you can watch my short video about some helpful organization tips for

4 Phishing Scams and How to Avoid Them

What is Phishing? Phishing is a type of a cyber-attack that tries to target victims by using a legitimate communication channel. Fraudsters have gotten quite sophisticated and there are obvious signs that they are not slowing down. The most common phishing scams that people experience are deceptive phishing and smishing. The goal of these fraudsters

0 Who Dares Ask Shall Receive Help

Hello OBM! The memories of Quarten are fading and the exam phase has arrived. We have received the brief for the presentation and the kind hint that we will be questioned regarding a potential future of our ideas. If the thought of continuing the project makes you feel dizzy, this is for you. Even if

0 Vacuum Under the Ocean

You were hoping for one more poem on this blog? Worry not! This one goes a little deeper – physically. It was originally published here. A life entails Many a journey Many, many trips Lots are boring Some are quite fun Others painful One will end it. Better take care Care of your steps How

0 Thrive 5×5

There still are a few poems in the pipeline. I collected them whilst I was upgrading on the audio. With this one, I want you to become active. Can you figure out what ‘5×5’ stands for? Let me know in the comment section below. Enjoy!   Sometimes you have to Dive down and not be

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