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MantaCruz Dive Center: Freediving connection to Meditation and Yoga

Freediving and yoga can be connected, where in yoga, as a practice and not a sport, you get more connected with your inner self; it’s the same concept. 

For many freedivers, freediving is not only conceived as a sport but more as a whole lifestyle, a new concept, new connections, and a new perspective about changing their lives. 

Stretching in general and freediving in particular have an enormous impact on developing the skills for an easy, smooth dive. Aside from its influences on meditation and practicing breath holding, stretching increases relaxation during the dive and also eases your muscles. 

Awareness and Control of Breath

Breath-holding and deep diaphragmatic breathing are essential for freediving. By increasing breath awareness, yoga poses help divers maintain more control. 

Adaptability and Self-Awareness

In Yoga you perform a variety of stretches and positions to improve body awareness, balance, and overall flexibility. 

Flexibility is key to equalisation, effective swimming, and adjusting to the changing underwater environment when freediving. Enhanced awareness of one’s body contributes to more efficient motions and less energy use. 

Calm and Clear Mind

The key to safe and effective freediving is maintaining composure and concentration. Yoga poses can aid in the management of tension, anxiety. 


During the form of freediving course one, I noticed that Arnaud, one of the freediving instructors at Manta Cruz, was giving stretches before the pool training and how serious and professional he was. 

In the following video, Arnaud is walking us through his journey in discovering his passion for freediving, how he started, how he conceives the sport, what he offers in his courses, and why stretching is important before diving. His perspectives are truly inspiring, and I wish you a nice delving in.

Join us today in exploring a different type of mindfulness and meditation techniques. 

Disclaimer 1: Consent was obtained from participants both before and during the video recording process. 

Disclaimer 2: To maintain transparency, it’s important to note that Daniel Schönenberg freedive instructor is my spouse, and I have been overseeing the marketing efforts for his freedive section in mantacruz dive center. 

Disclaimer 3: Never dive alone. Freediving should only be done with a certified instructor or a certified safety diver. 

Disclaimer 4: Note, the information is provided for reference only, and is not a substitute for formal training. We strongly recommended that you complete a freediving course before taking up freediving in any form. 


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